Ed McGuirl

Ed McGuirl

 Jamestown, Rhode Island, USA

Original and traditional blues, folk and roots music on 6-string, 12-string and bottleneck guitars; mandolin and fiddle. Play solo or with long time partner Mike Fischman as the Folk Support Group. We add drummer/percussionist Joe Lambiase as Jimmytown Juke and sometimes I work with just drums as McMojo.


Ed McGuirl was with the well known Greencastle Band from 1977-1987 playing Celtic music throughout New England. After taking some time off to do family oriented things like coaching youth soccer, Ed began playing solo and with fellow multi-instrumentalist, long time partner Mike Fischman as the Folk Support Group in the early 1990's. Ed's songs found their way onto numerous compilation CDs, a soundtrack for an NBC documentary and some indie films. He has been a winner and multiple year nominee in both the Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll and the Motif Magazine Reader's Poll in the Blues category.  In recent years he has warmed venues for such notables as Duke Robillard,  The Blind Boys Of Alabama, Jimmy Vaughn, John Hiatt, Robert Cray, Bruce Hornsby, Buddy Guy George Thorogood and Pete Seeger.  He aspires to be a full time philanthropist as soon as some one give him enormous amounts of money.


White Shirts/Hungry Children

Written By: Ed McGuirl

White Shirts/Hungry Children
© 1998 Ed McGuirl (BMI)

There’s white shirts and ties telling white lies to the people
They say “We’ll fix everything from the streets up to the steeple”
But the white lies are just the right lies to keep the shirts clean and pretty
While the hungry children are looking cold and gritty

Amerika, great place to stay if you’re healthy
Put a fancy smile on a facelift if you’re wealthy
White shirts got the stock to line the pocket
While the hungry children go begging outside the market

White shirts make sure their castles are well protected
With counter-intelligence in case intelligence is detected
They got smart weapons if a target is selected
While the hungry children, they still go neglected

There’s an empty feeling that cuts through every season
If you’re weak and weary but too young to know the reason
White shirts sit down at a fancy table
While the hungry children start hurting right from the cradle

Jesus Doesn't Kleck No Tax, Wassail

Written By: Ed McGuirl

Jesus Doesn’t Kleck No Tax, Wassail
© 1996 Ed McGuirl (BMI)

The poor man’s got a life of blood and pride
Knows the meaning of loss
Poor man, all the times he tried
He never got to be the boss
But you can’t take your money to the backside of heaven
Jesus doesn’t kleck no tax, wassail

Jesus looked with all the other gods, then began to see
Poor man got the chance of a snowball in hell
Even in the land of the free
But you can’t take your money to the backside of heaven
Jesus doesn’t kleck no tax, wassail

Now the poor man lives with all the other gods
Don’t worry ‘bout being poor, no more
Poor man found out money don’t mean nothin’
Once you pass through the golden door
‘Cause you can’t take your money to the backside of heaven
Jesus doesn’t kleck no tax, wassail

Blue Barnyard

Written By: Ed McGuirl

Blue Barnyard
© Ed McGuirl BMI

Little Boy Blue come play your guitar
Some cat’s got a fiddle, cows never very far
In the Blue barnyard (X2)
The rhythm is right tonight
In the Blue barnyard

Little Girl Blue, now how ‘bout you
The chicken’s are a-cacklin’, roosters cock-a-doodle-doo

Little boy play and little girl sing
The goats are getting garbage while the horses have a thang

Little Boy Blue, come play your guitar
Little Girl Blue, she’s singing like a star

repeat last verse


Written By: Traditional with Added Lyrics by Ed McGuirl

Could be on a rainy morning
Could be on a rainy night
Old Staggerlee, Billy DeLyons
Had a great big fight
Talkin' 'bout that bad man
Mean old Staggerlee

Stagerlee says to Billy
Man I do not go for that
You took all my money
Now you want my Stetson hat
Talkin' 'bout ....

Billy DeLyons says Staggerlee
Please don't take my life
I have got two lovely children
And a very lovely wife
Talk' 'bout ....

Stagerlee says to Billy
Man I really do not care
If you such a family man
What the hell you doin' here
Even bad men
Sometimes talk the truth

Boom, boom, boom
Boom, boom, boom
Six shots with a forty-four
Billy DeLyons drew his last breath
On the bar room floor
Talkin' 'bout ....

Staggerlee he disappeared
Nobody seem to know where he's at
Even though he always wears
That great big Stetson hat
Talkin' 'bout ....

And Staggerlee still goes round
With a six-gun by his side
Never gives a thought how Billy's
Wife and children cried
'Cause he's a bad man
Cruel old Staggerlee

Now there are songs that glorify
A bad man's wicked ways
But there's no tune can pacify
A half-orphans lonely gaze
Talkin' 'bout that bad man
Cruel old Staggerlee


Single: "Jesus Doesn't Kleck No Tax, Wassail" on compilation CD "The Twelve steps Of Christmas", 1996;
Album: "Slowly Rollin'" with Mike Fischman, 1997
Single: "White Shirts/Hungry Children" on compilation CD "The Time Is Now" for 1 of 52 Artists Hunger Network, 2001 (members.aol.com/hungerzero);
6-Song Demo: "Live And Then Some", 2002;
Album: "Ides Of Blue", 2003
Single: "Blue Barnyard" (from Ides Of Blue) on Oasis Records blues compilation, 2003;
Soundtrack: "Elevator Song" (from Ides Of Blue) on NBC documentary "Hunger Pain" 2004;
Sountrack: Background for listening program "The Spirit Of Things", tracks included "White Shirts/Hungry Children", "The Lonely Fisherman" (from Slowly Rollin') and bottleneck guitar with harmonica instrumental version of "Amazing Grace", 2005
Tracks from "Slowly Rollin'" and "Ides Of Blue" can be found on CDBaby.com/edmcguirl;
"White Shirts/Hungry Children" on podcast from Australia as 2nd place winner in 2005 Pacific Songwriting Contest, Political Category (www.pacificsongwritingcontest.com/psc/podast)
Single: "Don't Mess With My Pride" on Rhode Island Songwriters Association compilation CD "Round 3"
Single: "Yesterday Was Not Too Soon" received Honorable Mention from PeaceDriven.com songwriting contest
Single: "White Shirts/Hungry Children" selected for compilation Indie Music For Life - Americana (proceeds to children's cancer research) 2007
Soundtrack: Broken Crayons - Death Is Color Blind, Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning 2007
Podcast: Newport Arts Scene Radio Hour 2/10/11 (http://newportartsscene.podomatic.com/entry/2011-02-11T09_45_38-08_00?x)

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