edmund oak

edmund oak


Chaotic, Hypnotising, Disturbing, Surprising. Distinctive guitar patterns, looped vocals and simple percussion,


Summer 2008, the Edmund Oak debut is released to great reviews from the Danish press calling it "magnificent", "beautiful" and "hypnotising" (from DK magazines Geiger, Gaffa, Arena).
The debut include prominent members from bands such as Under Byen and Blue Foundation.
The Edmund Oak debut is characterized by a sensitive, old-folk and drone-like sound. During 2009, the live shows have been highly influenced from BengtaÂīs shows in Japan, the Tokyo noise scene and playing with names such as Tabata Mitsuru and Keiichi Nakano.


for tomorrow

Written By: jonatan bengta

we only ment good, sure.
when we cut off her feathers for tomorrow
though we talk like we know
we only do what seems to be right


2008 debut LP/CD: Edmund Oak: Queen Odea Escapes

tracks are streamed from www.minimumrecordings.com and www.myspace.com/edmundoak

Set List

sets last from 25-45 minutes.
Usually 25-30 minutes.