Ed Muzik

Ed Muzik

 Christchurch, Canterbury, NZL

Disco beats? Check. Thumping bass? Double Check. Cowbell? Oh yes. Witty lyrics? Well, it's hit-and-miss, but you get the picture. Ed Muzik and his band the Burning Sensations are a high-powered prick of party straight into your veins, with a shot of pop and a catchy-as-fuck chaser to follow you home


Ed Muzik has been skulking about the New Zealand music for a little while, ocassionally popping his head up to complain about something, before heading back underground. He started off in Dunedin post-ironic, post-noise, post-music collective The Brockville Country Club, but when that came apart due to 'creative differences', he set up in his bedroom, producing beats and updating his myspace page. Soon after, he moved to Christchurch, and the next thing you know, he was opening for Charlie Ash on a winter's Wednesday at the legendary Wunderbar.

After playing on his own for a couple of years, from Dunedin to Auckland, as well as festivals such as Southern Amp, Chartfest and the Canaan Downs Festival, Ed decided to rope in some players to play his songs, and take everything to the 'next level'. Enter, the Burning Sensations.

The Burning Sensations have featured many of Christchurch’s best musicians, but the current 4-piece line-up includes the Natch on drums, Easy Peasy on bass and Browntown Brown on iPhone / Korg / fart noises. This line up are as tight as a proverbial’s proverbial, and have played around Churchtown with the likes of THE RUBY SUNS, MINUIT, COCO SOLID, RARE SHOT BLUE, PIKACHUNES, and, oh wait, THE POTBELLEZ. They once even played a metal gig, with metal bands, cos, um, they could.


Pump Up The Volume

Written By: Ed Muzik

Speakers cranked up all the way to eleven
a sub that I nicked off a bloke called Kevin
everything the way it ought to be
rooms packed tight and they’re listening to me

got all the walls lined with packing foam
didn’t even check if the neighbours were home
drop a new track like a secret weapon
now we on the way to tinitus heaven

there’s kids in the corner they got no pants on
a dude came dressed as the girl from Hanson
only thing that could be better than this
if we didn’t have to queue for a piss

police show up talking about the noise
kicked in the door then they took all my toys
while i got love for the boys in blue
now we all drunk with nothing to do


Written By: Ed Muzik

When you’re rubbing up next to me
I always get the feeling it’s a trick you see
Then when you try and go and take my hand
I’m not really sure that you understand cos
From the first time that I caught your eye
I wanna give it to you like a pig in a sty
Fumbling for the rubber cos the first is a dud
Can get pretty heavy when your covered in mud

So come on, get yr filth on
Like this song, we’ll get out filth on
When the missionary aint the place it used to be
Then the love is gone, it’s time to get your filth on

I text about three to hook up a date
Turn up around 9 just an hour late
I take you to a place you aint ever heard
Ridding on a bus through the eastern suburbs
Do it on the floor cos I don’t know where to put ya
When we’re making love at the community butcher
You be getting moist with my hand in my panties
I be thinking choice with your hand on my kransky

So come on, get yr filth on
Like this song, we’ll get out filth on
When you turn down sex, cos you’d rather be on the internet
Then the love is gone, it’s time to get your filth on

Third dates just a little bit awkward
Hanging with yo mumma at her house in northwood
Just when you think it aint going too bad
She tells you bout the things that she does with your dad
Making him dress like a six foot wonton
Never using less that a 2-foot strap on
Just when you think that it’s all been a dream
You wake up in a dinghy covered in whipped cream

So come on, get yr filth on
Like this song, we’ll get out filth on
When a 69 doesn’t live you feeling fine
Then the love is gone, it’s time to get your filth on

As I follow on your facebook feed
I can only wonder bout what might have been
If you had never tried to go and take my hand
If everything had panned out just the way we planned
We were wrong
We got out filth on
For too long
We got our filth on
And it’s over yet
I’ll forever be carrying immense regret
And this song
Bout how we got our filth on
This song
Bout how we got our filth on


The Microarray EP (2006)
The Muzik Never Dies 7" (2008)
Pump Up The Volume (2010)

The following singles have been played on various radio stations across New Zealand:
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The Muzik Never Dies
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Pump Up The Volume

Set List

Pump Up The Volume
Girlz Skool
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Roast Everything
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The Muzik Never Dies
Pump Up The Volume (Reprise)

also known to throw Bruce Springsteen and Lady Gaga covers into the mix