Edo & The Best

Edo & The Best

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Abstract, intense Rock. Edo & The Best present a themed show. Poetic songs about “love and war” showing two sides of the writer.


Songs of Love and War, two sides – political and romantic – told by one band. Edo & The Best plays its darkly compelling alt-rock poetic and intense show for all who come to watch. The concept behind Songs of Love and War was developed by Edo, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the group, during a stint serving the Army in Israel and followed by a fresh start in Canada. Surrounded by a group of passionate musicians – backing vocalist Mackenzie, bassist Omar, drummer Brett, and guitarist Dallas – the group described as “Epic-tinged rock infused with alt-roots inflected energy” has been playing their themed show in different venues around Toronto.



Written By: Edo


She is the closest thing to magic
And her heir seems in flames.
She has the Batty Davis look in her eyes,
And manners of a gipsy girl.

I met her when I got lost.
Right next to where I dwelt.
She turned ‘cous I was looking at her.
And I followed her straight to hell.

But if she’ll call I’ll answer,
'Cous I’m just weak like that.
I think I’m steel in love with her.
But I’m so tired of it.

Since I’m on a run from no were.
I’m a run for gold.
I’m on a run away from her.
She doesn’t love me
The way she should.