E Dott

E Dott

 New York City, New York, USA
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College educated & hoop affiliated, E Dott decided to follow his dreams & pursue a career in the music industry. His unique approach & powerful lyrics boast him beyond being “just another rapper” When he’s not in the studio recording new material he’s on a stage near you! www.edottanswer.com


E Dott aka E.A. is a musical phenom who speaks uniquely with an attitude that is unmatched. E Dott's music is mainstream (urban, versatile, captivating) yet provocative (think educated and enlightened with a flare). You could easily vibe out to his songs in a large, amped club on South Beach or a chill, funky lounge in NYC.

E.A. was born and raised in Tampa, FL where he spent the majority of his life before making a major move up North. His Southern charm and swag, blended with the perfect combination of the qualities mentioned above make him, for lack of better words, cool as hell. E.A. explains, “Growing up with roots in deep, southern culture then being exposed to the original hip hop scene on the Northern East Coast has given me knowledge, confidence, and skills to cross many lines in this world.” E Dott’s mixed the best aspects of two unmatched cultures solidifying his diverse sound and style you hear today.

Just take it from E Dott, “I’m an international guy, an ambassador for hip hop overseas from Germany to Amsterdam to London and beyond.” E.A. is well on his way to international stardom—with performances abroad and in the states reaching NYC down the coast, making his way back to Tampa, Miami, and Duval. His newest mixtape, “Park Legend,” hosted by MTV Hip Hop POV's Amanda Seales, demonstrates all of E Dott’s qualities that make his music magnetic, entertaining, and buzz worthy.

If you aren’t a fan yet, you will be. E Dott’s charisma and flow are contagious, in the booth and on stage. You cannot help but listen and feel his presence. “My future’s so bright, and you’ve only seen one tenth of who I am and what I offer, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

“Money is the gun, knowledge is the key, cuz everybody raps but not everybody reads…”_


"You Already Know" exclusively on iTunes

[ http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/you-already-know/id502699131?i=502699136 ]