Edred Keith Mitchell

Edred Keith Mitchell

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I am a bassist who was fortunate enough to be in the company of many fine artist during my times as a student at Berklee College of Music and Rutger-Livingston College in New Jersey. My career has progressed with my skills,developing compositional,arranging and vocal skills as the need arose.


Born in Fort Ord, California,the son of a career military man and former member of the Tuskegee Airmen cadre and a mother from the city of Tuskegee,Alabama herself a graduate of the university in the same place where both met,I received my baptism in a sea of optimism. My interest in the arts began as a listener to the strains of gospel piano played by my mother,Louise Caroline. After brief attempts at mimicing the sounds of the instrument I began study on trumpet and trombone which lasted through grammar school and into high school. In high schoool my interest in the Motown bass lines of James Jamerson and those of that genre and time led me to the pursuit of the electric bass at the age of 14. At the age of 18 I entered Berklee College of Music in Boston having had 2 years of independent study and preparation while living on the Jersey Shore in Tinton Falls,New Jersey where I had grown up from the age of 7. My interest in jazz developed from exposure to the early fusion influences and technical mastery heard through bassist like Stanley Clarke and Anthony Jackson and expanded back through history as a privledge of my education to include greats like Ron Carter,Buster Williams,Paul Chambers, John Pattitucci and the like as I explored classic jazz.The usefulness of arranging and compositional talents were instrumental in helping me to bring my own original compositions to life as well as those of others.I am now residing in Auburn,Alabama with my wife and 2 children ,having been secondarily trained in Electrical Engineering Technology. I am employed as a Biomedical Engineering Technician in Tuskegee,Alabama. I regularly work as a sideman with various jazz,blues and gospel groups in the Alabama and Georgia area and work as a recording studio bassist in the same region.


We'll Make it Better

Written By: Edred Keith Mitchell

We'll Make it Better
"W'ell Make It Better"

Let's move to a level
of discriminating taste
Leaving all the waste, starvation,
with the gratest haste
Looking at this chessboard
is this really all its worth
Two-faced games, while lying,cheating
Leads us to no place

Sharing everything
We'll make it better
Moving while we sing
We'll make it better
I can see the way
To make it better
We can make this day
seem so much better

Verse 2

For you and I
then everone
Our love is just the start
Whose telling where we'll take it
Take it with our parts

To Chorus

The Best Things in Life Are Free

Written By: Edred Keith Mitchell

Were on a journey to the clouds
w'ell leave the earth behind
It's just a sunny day we chose
To take a holiday
were gonna breathe some clear fresh air
Just to celebrate that we are here
and loving every moment we can have
So Near
So Near
Cause we know the best things in life are free,cause we know that lovin' was meant to be and we see the birds and the bees just so much more clearly.Your love is like a ray of new sunshine,warming the air and giving us time
To See
Just Be
Just lovin' every moment we can have
Just lovin' every moment we can have
So Near
So Near

Verse II
We'll stand up on a mountaintop
and take in all we see
Just knowing that the love we have
is truly just as real
Today we find that sharing is
so much a part of love
And now that there' a common bond
Our loves blessed from above

Cause we know the best things in life are free....ect.