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Ed Rohan

 Villa Ridge, Missouri, USA

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One Bar Room Tonight

Written By: Ed Rohan

One Bar Room Tonight

Verse: You may say that I’m easy but that’s not all so true

I just like the company of a woman. It helps to get me through

I would pick just one to stay. But you know she’d only let me down

Don’t paint a smile on a frown

Cause I’m never again gonna be nobody’s clown

Chorus: But 1.You’re my friend, 2. You’re my lover, 3. You’re a secret undercover, and 4. Your just

The girl when no other girl is in sight

All the things that make me happy, all the qualities that I like

I got four good reasons why

And there all in one bar room tonight

Break (2 bars)

Verse: Well I am what I am and I don’t need no excuse

Hey I do what I do; I hope that’s good enough for you

I got heavy eyes from bein’ sleep deprived but my heart is very light

I got four girls on my mind

And there all in one bar room tonight…

Bridge: When one goes to the ladies room I take another one to the floor

I gotta order a beer for you over here I can’t remember, was that a Coors?

I keep a comin’ and goin’ like a rat race just to meet you at the door

If I just slip on outta here, some sleep tonight might be my reward



- I got four good reasons why…They all look like dynamite, and there all in one bar room tonight.


-I’m gonna get the heck outta here; I aint messin with you ladies any more…

And there all in one bar room tonight…