ed snodderly

ed snodderly


If you like bass and strum guitar with words that follow other words and sound right and say something like you think was needed saying and then you wanna a little reckless abandon because that's real and emotionally natural and fits with the seasons of musics creativity and everyday you go for it.


I play music that sounds like my influences of old time, folk, rock n roll music. I first learned from my family playing fiddles, guitars and pianos as I was growing up. I've recorded for Sugar Hill Records. My songs have been recorded by artists such as Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, John Cowan, Missy Raines and others. The third verse of my song The Diamond Stream is permanently displayed on the wall in the Hall Of Honor at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee.


Sidewalk Shoes Philo 1977
Sweet Light Cloudlands 1980
Mulehead Zu-Zazz 1988
Pearlie Mae/ Jerry Douglas, Sugar Hill, 1992
Plow, Sugar Hill 1993
Presley's Grocery, Sugar Hill 1996
The Diamond Stream, Majestic, 2000
Brier Visions, Majestic, 2004

Set List

A variety of music and stories associated with my songs. Switching back and forth on guitar, banjo and dobro. I'm very open to doing one long set (90) min. or two 45 min. sets.