Los Angeles, California, USA

EdstanleY is a truly dynamic, raw and aggressive rock trio. Loosely sub-categoried as alternative rock, their vibe can vary from gentle and introspective to passionate and intense. Their powerful lyrics and INTENSE STAGE SHOW are truly unique and captivating.


EdstanleY is a 3 piece inferno of soulful fury and a story of the never ending evolution of three brothers who feed off each other's intense passion and friendship.

From the depths of a Huntington Beach garage, these brothers found a common interest in pursuing a life of performing on stage and bringing aggressive yet dynamic music to the masses.

Through years of dedication these boys have perfected their craft by playing countless shows in Hollywood, Orange County and San Diego.

EdstanleY has become an ever solidifying, passionate, emotion driven band that thrives off of the genuine conexion they share with their audiences. This true conexion is tangibly evident in the intense energy that these brothers share during the carthartic release with like minded souls at their live performances.

Having tasted the sweet allure of the road from regional tours through San Diego, Arizona, Colorado and Las Vegas and fresh off of headlining stints at The House of Blues in Anaheim and The Viper Room in Hollywood, EdstanleY is seeking to form partnerships with a solid team of hungry, passionate advisors who will unite to form a management team that shares their intense desire for success.


The Revolution of Soul

Written By: EdstanleY

Selfish manipulation of natural resources has caused an alarming decline in the projected length of human civilization,

A decline defined by exponential growth within the last quarter century of a world which bares the scares of over a billion years....

Goodbye... Goodbye...

We've begun to say Goodbye....

Our only hope....

Is in the Revolution... The Revolution of Soul...


EdstanleY- Self Titled EP

1. Drop Your Weapons- UCLA Radio

2. Sleep Fine Baby

3. Late One Night

4. The Revolution of Soul

Set List

Drop Your Weapons
My Friend
Late One Night
Soul Sacrifice
The EdstanleY
Cum With Me
Sleep Fine Baby
The Revolution of Soul