Eduard Iniesta

Eduard Iniesta


"Secrets Guardats", Eduard Iniesta's new record is a chant to life. Everything borns of the necessity of writing songs for an optimistic and comfortable hearing. Music as an antidot against depression, pessimism and sadness.


Musician and performer, specialised in double string mediterranean instruments. He plays lots of instruments from Greece, Trukey, Egypt and
from the Iberian peninsula.

The baglamas, the tembourás, the greek laghouto , the tzouras, the tambur, the mandola, the bouzouki, the mandocello, the sitar or the portuguese guitar
are just some of the instruments he can play; fact that has made him collaborate with artists like Maria del Mar Bonet, Miquel Gil, Marina Rossell, Rosa Zaragoza or Névoa.

His vinculation to Mediterranean musica hasn’t prevent him from practicing other styles as jazz, classic, opera or pop music…

Ha has also participate in soundtracks for films and advertisements.


Andromines- Temps Record
Secrtes Guardats- Temps records

Set List

1 El globus aerostàtic
2 Un somni en dos actes
3 La Tartana
4 Vida Vulnerable
5 El niu del meu àngel
6 El meu tresor
7 La revolució
8 La kumida la manyana
9 La ciutat somniada
10 El vestit
11 El primer foc