Eduardo Mello

Eduardo Mello


Brazilian born and currently living in Perth (WA), Eduardo Mello is a Latin Cool-jazz singer interpreting blues, rock and jazz classics in a “Bossa-nova” solo show. Better details, biography and photos are available on his website:


Eduardo Mello (born June 9, 1970) is a Brazilian-born guitarrist and singer, started his music studies at the age of 8 learning how to play the acoustic guitar with his father. At the age of 12, he started to hear rockabilly and blues. After hearing the classic “Rock this Town” performed by the Stray Cats he realized what he would want for the rest of his life. He joined several bands in the northern suburbs of Rio de Janeiro playing in pubs, Festivals and events. In 2005 he moved to Perth, Australia, discovered how deep his Brazilian musical roots were part of his musical character.

His new project “at the same time” shows all his influences on Blues, Bossa Nova, Folk-Rock and Jazz on his interpretations.

Details can be found on website:

Set List

Classics from Bossa-nova, Rock, Blues and Jazz such as: "What a wonderful world" , "Still got the Blues" , "Hotel California", "Girl from Ipanema" and "Quiet Nights".