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For Immediate Release 2009 WHOOTY = A WHITE GIRL WITH A BOOTY. WORLD PREMIERE OF WHOOTY VIDEO TO BE RELEASE THIS WEEK.Even though the song WHOOTY started as a joke for Atlanta based band EDUBB, thingshave become little more serious as of late. “After we made the song, we leaked a video of aWHOOTY dancing to our song on youtube. Nothing fancy..And the response wasphenomenal!” says Nem, member of the band. The video went on to receive over fourmillion hits on youtube.WHOOTY was produced by the reputable platinum production team The Package Store ofCollipark Productions. The hit making team has produced several hip hop records thathave collectively sold well over 4 million copies worldwide and have worked with severalmajor artist from a list that includes Soulja Boy, Fergie (Black Eyed Peas), HurricaneChris Chamillionaire, Young Jeezy, E40, Ne-Yo, Lloyd, Avant, Polo Da Don, bun BJermaine Dupri, Pitbull, and The Ying Yang Twins and the club hit "Get Silly" by V.I.C.“We knew that "Whooty was a hit when they took the record to a local bar for the 1st timeand as soon as the song came on women went crazy.” Says The Package Store producer T -Slick. “From that day on Whooty has been killing the clubs, Internet, and radio across thecountry. Girls were familiar with the track from Myspace and the overwhelming responsewas very personal.” A Myspace fan posted: "It’s awesome to have a song that representswomen that like being a little curvy.”EDUBB, the self proclaimed “Hip-Hop Playboys” identifies their music as “Hip-HopFusion”, creating their own lane with their unique brand of Hip-Hop/Pop/Rock/Dancemusic.The Name EDUBB represents the area of town the Atlanta Natives were born and raised.DUBB is slang for twenty, and the E represents east, which is the highway 20 east thattakes you to the eastside of Atlanta. This meaning of the name was giving to them by anavid fan, at a local club performance in 2005.Made up of brothers, Almighty Dolla and Johnny Boi, and cousin Nem, the group was borninto a musical and business bloodline. Nems' father managed Kane from the Ying YangTwins and the 90's ATL group The Hard Boys.With only a few more doors to tear down before reaching success, their lead single"Whooty" may be able to push them along the way.*“WHOOTY” is not only a song, it is a movement, and will eventually go down as a term inthe dictionary,” says Almighty Dolla. “The motivation also came from the seemingly increase or growth in Caucasian women with voluptuous bottoms down-south and everywhere else we go! There must be something in the water!” laughingly says Almighty Dolla.EDUBB is currently working on their album titled “The EDUBB Experience” for a Fall 09release. For more information about EDUBB and WHOOTY please I promise you, I promise you as I am standing here tonight...this song is gonna be so - Dawn/presshouse


WHOOTY (white girl with a booty) top 100 charts in over 40 US stations and internationally. Whooty video broke web records with over 4 MILLION views in the first 4 days of release



The self proclaimed "Hip Hop Playboys" are carving their own musical path. The forthcoming CD "The EDUBB Experience" combines hip hop, rock, and funk fusion elements combined into one tight party package.