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Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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"Atlanta Hip Hop Trio @EDUBBLive releases LEGENDS OF THE FALL Project plus interviews with @HHS101Magazine"

Atlanta, GA (May 2012) – EDUBB, Atlanta Hip-Hop Trio, known mostly for their risqué brand of “Party Music” (i.e. “Whooty” & “Rain Boots”) unveiled their first concept-driven, full length effort LEGENDS OF THE FALL May 4th which is available exclusively on the group’s website for a limited time. This project captures a different, more eclectic side of EDUBB’s artistry, often foreshadowed by their love of Party Music. LEGENDS OF THE FALL features Universal Republic’s Jackie Chain, T-Mo Goodie from the Legendary GOODIE MOB, and features production from Jazze Pha, DJ Burn One, John Boy “On da Track”(producer of VIC “Wobble” and EDUBB’s party hits “Whooty” and “Rain Boots”, among others.

Their first song and video released this past January, features long time music peer, Jackie Chain in “TOPSDROPBLADESCHOPPNMUZIK”. This video has since been featured on VLADTV, Thisis50, Worldstarhiphop and audio posted on many top music sites such as EDUBB then released two songs from the LOF project, “Extraordinary” produced by Collipark Music’s Mr. Hanky and “Beast Mode” produced by Flawless Tracks. Both records have received positive feedback from blogs such as DIRTYGLOVEBASTARD, BLVDST, GREENHITZ along with positive reviews from top Urban Djs: Hoodrich Djs “Pretty Boy Tank”, Dj Burn One, and Dj T-Roc of the Rocharder Djs. EDUBB plans on releasing five music videos from this project including the upcoming short film “The High Lullaby” which will premier the same day the project releases.

This announcement comes on the heels of gaining international recognition as EDUBB announced their first European Tour throughout May and June. The indie trio mostly known for their risqué brand of “party music”, has gained more than 8 million total YouTube views for their Official VEVO Video and Viral media craze, “WHOOTY” aka “White Girl With a Booty”. The WHOOTY movement has since spanned internationally, becoming the Top 5 Most Viewed Video on MTV Germany. Their Underground Club Hit “RAIN BOOTS”, started gaining popularity in their hometown of Atlanta, and has since spread throughout clubs in the east and west coasts, and recently Vancouver, Canada. LEGENDS OF THE FALL will be available via, ITunes,, and


LEGENDS OF THE FALL possesses a soulful Hip-Hop vibe with smooth hooks; premium production and tight flows. With hits like “Money Is A B****h”, “Fine Wine” and “It’s Almost Over”; it’s obvious that LEGENDS OF THE FALL are here to leave a legacy. The Hip-Hop Stardom 101 Magazine team co-signs this well orchestrated album and we look forward to hearing more! -


As I mentioned earlier Hip Hop isn’t my strong point, so what I’ve done is review the album for its overall production, quality and enjoyment factor, so I just know there are going to be people who may disagree with my review, but hey, this is my point of view after all

Legends of the Fall consists of 17 tracks Hip Hop/Rap, upon starting the first tracks titled “Highest High” my first thoughts were this is produced quite well, great quality sound, with the vocals tied in nicely to the music, quality of the sound is crystal clear.

What really surprised me is at around track 5 “The High Lullaby” I was really starting to enjoy the tracks so far, Oh my God, does this mean I’m being taken in to the sound of Hip Hop, I don’t know to be honest, but with “The High Lullaby” EDUBB bring you rap with some brilliant chorus sections, which goes to show that these guys do have some serious talent.

Legends of the Fall does have a great sound, though to be honest, I’m not sure if it’s an album that I couldn’t personally listen to a lot, but this is probably down to my style of music tastes, such as rock, electronica etc. But for those of you out there that thoroughly enjoy Hip Hop, then this is probably going to be an album for your ever-growing music collection.

You can’t beat the album for its production values, so because of hits production and overall sound EDUBB have made an appetising for fans of Hip Hop, but for those that don’t like Hip Hop, it’s not going to convert you in to a Hip Hop fan.

A Warning For You All!
At this point I do have to mention that if you are easily offended by a certain “F-Word” there is plenty of it throughout the album, there that’s that out-of-the-way, just thought I would mention that, I don’t people coming to me and saying “You never mentioned the swearing”

Overall Thoughts For Legends Of the Fall By EDUBB
Love Hip Hop/Rap then this is going to be an album that you’ll want in you collection, with its overall quality in sound production and mixing it’s extremely well done, it’s probably nothing that’s not been heard before from some of the major Hip Hop acts, but I know that a lot of you will be listening to it

Overall Rating 3/5


The artists known as Almighty Dolla, Johnny BOI and Nem collectively make up EDUBB (pronounced E-Dubb), and each brings his own unique style to the group. Their distinctive Southern Hip-Hop drawl blends with pop, R&B and rock elements to create a sound the group calls hip-hop fusion.

Born from a freestyle session captured on a four-track, cousins Nem and Dolla soon invited Dolla's brother, Johnny BOI, to join the group. From there, they started to refine their music, drawing early influences from groups like the Ying Yang Twins and 90s gangster rappers the Hard Boys, but they didn't let it get too serious: "At one time, music had stopped being fun and simply got really violent or extremely X-rated. We knew there was a gap and our goal is to seal it," says Johnny BOI. Evidently, the strategy worked.

The group started to gain attention when the underground hit "Whooty" went viral on YouTube, racking up nearly 8 million views and earning the word a spot in the Urban Dictionary. EDUBB has been compared to groups such as the 2 Live Crew, Outkast, and ATLiens, but their sound is distinctly their own.

The group has received airplay on MTV, Music Choice, SiriusXM Radio and VH1 as well as many major radio stations across the U.S. EDUBB has collaborated with multi-platinum producers and artists such as Lloyd, Mr. Collipark (Soulja Boy), Drumma Boy, Pastor Troy and Jazze Pha. "We aim to be hip-hop's version of the Rolling Stones. Longevity and building a catalogue full of hits is our key," says member Almighty Dolla. -


Edubb... The name sounds familiar, right? Yea me too... Wait for it - wait for it... THAT'S RIGHT!! This is the Atlanta-based group that made an ode to white girls with booty called "Whooty". The video did crazy numbers and probably would have did more if the ass-less hadn't threatened their boyfriends with harm if they ever caught them watching it. But, so what... ANY ass-themed song is going to thrive. Now, 8 million Youtube views later, can they produce a SOLID studio album?!

The answer is: YES.

I know what you're thinking, "How much did this bitch get paid to say that?" - LMAO!! But, NO - I'm being for real. With the success of "Whooty", I was thinking that the Edubb would stick to the party music format. You know, like how 50 Cent did when "In Da Club" did well. Not the case with Legends of the Fall. The album is multifaceted with songs that you can pick out for a number of moods - not just when you want to party.

Overall... The album SUBS like a muthafucka!! The mix is quality. [Oh my God that's soo important - especially, when you listen to Twitter rappers for a living]. The beat selection was ill. One advantage of being a trio is that the songs never tire out. Each member of Edubb has their own distinguished style to look forward to. Songs had messages and meaning [It's Almost Over]. But, not too preachy because there's songs for the ratchets too [Diamond]...

Video: Edubb - Lullaby .. click to play ..
or those of you that need a bit more convincing, let me break down the album in detail. Not sure if this is thee proper "album review" format, but at the end of the day, I hope that you'd appreciate my honest opinion on music matters.

Edubb defines their style and purpose on the first track "Highest High". They tell the story of normal individuals who hurt, love, strive to succeed and trust God. These themes are consistant throughout the project and that is such a breath of fresh air from the super rich, balling outta control, self-made rappers. Edubb don't come off as "do it just to do it" rappers. Their production contains breakdowns and Kanye-like transitions that trump looped 8-bar beats. Sounds like they took this album seriously and not just to be trendy.

No Manda review is complete without some constructive criticism. Being that I gave the album a B+, you know there are some things that I felt could have been better.

When it comes to singing, Edubb can carry their own. So on songs like "Rings of Saturn", "Physical" and "Love Sick", I felt as though the features brought otherwise good songs down a notch. Not that they were bad singers. Just that it seemed forced or didn't quite match the caliber that Edubb set early on in the album [I LOVED the singing on "Legends of the Fall -title track]. Also, I felt as though the standout tracks were sequenced too far along in the album [Money Is A Bitch is track #4 and High Lullaby is #5]. Maybe too far in for a first time listener... My 3 favorites are damn near at the end.

At the end of the day, I appreciate the fact that Edubb did NOT let the success of "Whooty" go to their head and create a 98% party music album. Legends of the Fall paints Edubb as everyday people with everyday problems, goals and dreams. Some days you feel like partying, some days you feel like saving the world, some days it's fuck the world. Hell, some days you want to bust down a ratchet or two. Wrong or right, these are situations that REAL people deal with. I can attach myself to this album in real life. I don't have to dream-on or rob a bank to relate to the lyrics contained within this project. Legends of the Fall effectively embodies a variety of moods and can easily provide a soundtrack to the many emotions of life. It's not jaded or over-saturated with any one particular theme. -


Atlanta based group EDUBB the creaators of WHOOTY; made history in Germany. EDUBB is one of hundreds of bands sponsored by Jägermeister in North America however, EDUBB is different in two major ways. First EDUBB has made a very successful and popular song for Jägermeister entitled "Jäger Bomb".

Secondly, EDUBB is the first USA Sponosored band to ever visit Jägermeister´s Distillery in Germany. Jägermeister was extremelly happy to see the Jäger Bomb singers LIVE . An email blast throughout the intranet of the Distillery and smiling faces popped out of the offices to get a glimpse of the young super stars.

EDUBB At Jägermeister HQ Germany (Uptown Europe)

The Public Relations Specialist came racing with her camera but the tour guide was faster on the draw to get the first two pictures that would announce and fortify EDUBB had arrived! Unfortunately due to corporate regulations the group was not able to take video footaage of the distillery. However, Jägermeister´s PR provide us with several photos.

An informing and an EDUBB Entertaining tour of the plant proved to be just what the doctor ordered for an otherwise normal day on the job for the Jägermeister staff. With laughter echoing throughout the hallways and chants of Jäger Bomb; EDUBB made quite the impression.

So many herbs -That Wonderful Jägermeister

As the first Norht American band to visit Jägermeister ; EDUBB showed their affection for Jägermeister and their love for Atlanta. The bands European Manager Joe Anan (Uptown Europe) says, "EDUBB now has 381 more reasons to love Jägermeister from its 381 ingredients" .

As part of EDUBB´s promo Tour in Germany the visit will be part a Film Documentary to be hosted on
Still Image from Hannover video Shoot in just a few weeks. Get the inside look at the ATL´s very own EDUBB as they discover their fansbase in Germany. Atlanta has made history in music once again.

Thank you to Ms.Sharon Anja Hall for the Tour!! -

"The 50 Hottest White Girls With Ass : #40 "Whooty" Music Video"

Sadly, music videos aren't a big deal to most people anymore. But when a clip of full of fat-backed Suzies goes viral on the 'Net, it's an event. Major props to Edubb, not so much for the song, but for popularizing a much needed phrase. -


Still working on that hot first release.



The artists known as Almighty Dolla, Johnny BOI and Nem collectively make up the group EDUBB (pronounced E-Dubb). With more than 1 million YouTube views for their Official “Whooty” video, and over 8 million “Whooty” related YouTube views, the guys even garnered mentions of their work on TMZ two times. Strictly a grassroots phenomenon, this indie hip-hop group has managed to make their video an MTV Jams fixture, as it is played in a re-occurring “Booty” Video Mix and even cracked the ITunes “TOP 100” Video chart. Their “Whooty” movement has branded the phrase “white girl with a booty” aka “Whooty” into Pop-Culture Slang terminology. Not to be labeled as “novelty” rappers or known for just “one” song, the Atlanta natives went on to set their hometown of Atlanta and the Southeast Region a blaze via clubs, for their shockingly amusing follow-up single “Rain Boots”, and the controversial “Social Network”. "Rain Boots" has since become an underground Club hit, receiving club/Dj rotation from California to Canada.

With a distinct Southern Hip-Hop drawl, Pop, R&B and Rock sound, EDUBB calls this style Hip-Hop Fusion. As they began to brand their independent movement, the self- proclaimed “Hip-Hop Playboys” identified one of the fastest growing conversations "white girls with a booty". EDUBB’s business sense led them to secure Trademarks for the word and phrase, and to launch an online Merchandising store, With Reality show pitches, and magazine developments in the works, the group has decided to further the “Whooty” brand and simultaneously push EDUBB. The trio received a coveted sponsorship from Jagermeister, due to the success of their video and song "Jager Bomb".

Without being signed to a major label, their record "Whooty" led them to their first international tour throughout Germany in July 2012, where it is receiving video rotation on MTV Germany and featured on Germany's Next Top Model. The group has since received airplay on MTV, Music Choice, Sirius, XM Satellite and VH1 as well as many major reporting Top 40, Rhythm and Hip Hop stations across the U.S. Drawing stark comparisons from “off the wall” acts such as, The 2 Live Crew and even Outkast, "We aim to be hip-hop's version of the Rolling Stones. Longevity and building a catalogue full of hits is our key," says member Almighty Dolla. Here to stay is EDUBB.