Edu Miranda Trio

Edu Miranda Trio


Maybe the best mandolin player for many with something new and fresh. For sure is a concert to keep in your mind forever... doubts? look at the videos here:



Born in 1968, in the city of São Paulo (Brazil), Edu Miranda grows up in a very musical family environment, where Seresta and Chorinho had the main role.

At eleven he had the first contact with a Mandolin. Smashed and deeply fascinated by the sound decided that it would be his most important mean to express the music.

At twelve he met the legendary Evandro do Bandolim, one of the greatest Brazilian instrumental Choro musicians. Evandro worked then at Del Vecchio, a traditional musical instruments store, located in the center of São Paulo, where the “cream” of Paulista Choro used to meet. Taking part of cheerful “Rodas de Choro” with great musicians and at the same time taking classes with Evandro do Bandolim, his career started.

After that, in spite of his little age, the participation in several “Choro Groups” was practically a consequence. The passion for the Mandolin techniques became more and more deeper.

Nevertheless, filling that his way to express music demanded a higher theoretical capacity and the knowledge of other musical languages, he studied harmony and improvise with Rui Saleme (ex guitar player of Trio D'Alma) and Renata Montanari. These contacts were crucial to the raising and development of his own style.

In 1988 traveled to Portugal with the Theater play "High Forest" musical group, having then the opportunity to play with musicians from several areas. After the first play season, traveled alone to Holland, and stayed for quite some time, always acting and working as musician. The time spent away from his country implied that, after almost a year, he missed a lot Brazil and returned home in 1990. This coming back was mandatory as also to meet again the Brazilian traditional music groups. He could understand that the presence in Europe would be fundamental to consolidate his international career.

After 1992, he has been living in Portugal, and developed an intensive activity as producer and arranger for several European Music artists. Besides that, he still acts as a musical player for several groups and musicians, such as Mário Laginha & Maria João, Gilberto Gil, António Chainho, Pedro Jóia, Martinho da Vila, Toninho Horta, Filipa Pais, Nico Assumpção, Romanças, Real Companhia, Grupo Marambaia, etc...

In 2003, after a lot of fans and colleagues requests he recorded his first solo CD, named "Choro de Longe". This work was extremely well accepted by the critics and the public in general. To execute and record this work, Edu get the collaboration of Tuniko Goulart, colleague from long journey, and also considered as one of the greatest guitar players of now a days.

In 2005 and 2007 he released “Fado de Longe 1 and 2”, two CDs with a mix between Portuguese and Brazilian rhythmic.

2009 is the year to present us his first DVD/CD album recorded live in “Auditório Municipal de Lagoa/Algarve” ( October 2008 ).


CHORO DE LONGE (2003), FADO DE LONGE (2006), FADO DE LONGE 2 (2007), DVD+CD released soon (2009)

Set List

These are part of our new DVD/CD, that will be released soon.
The concert normally fits 90 minutes.

1. Brasileirinho
2. Homem das castanhas
3. Tico Tico no Fubá
4. Odeon
5. Forrozado
6. Lisboa Menina e Moça
7. Dar de Beber á Dor
8. Fado Lisboeta
9. Tem Baile Sim
10 Baião Nosso
11. Karoço
12. Foi Deus
13. Tintol (Alma Brasileira)
14. Não Feche os Olhos
15. Maria Migalha