Eric Vinson

Eric Vinson


Refreshing and honest acoustic music with catching melodies, great feel, and unique vocal sound.


Carolina native Eric Vinson is a singer/songwriter with a desire to communicate reality - real life, real love... no gimics or strings attached. Growing up and then while enrolled in college at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, Eric spent much of his time as a worship leader, traveling all over the Southeast to lead congregations, youth camps, or college students, yet constantly fueling an increasing desire to write original music. With a unique vocal sound and catchy melodies, Eric is now maturing into an up and coming artist and songwriter while still devoting time to various worship leading events. Eric is merely a 24 year old guy, making his way through life, trying to construct a vivid musical picture to flow alongside the ups and downs of the everyday.


Bright Eyed

Written By: Eric Vinson

here comes autumn, changing all the colors that i know / here blows breezes, a colder tomorrow is on the wind

how can we ignore, ignore the fall
when on the horizon is hallelujah's call

wake up bright eyed :ll
i want to touch the sky

i'm blown further down the only road that i've known / all my colors are changing with the sounds, are changing with the sights of love

wake up bright eyed :ll
she makes me touch the sky


Written By: Eric Vinson

Carry me, cause my two feet aren't working anymore / let me fly up so high that i see where all my dreams have been staying

i read once that every prayer goes to heaven / if that's the case then why am i still...

standing here, so unclear

i'm not calling you a liar, i just need to see a little fire or a fleece in the sky, proving you're alive / i know i don't get it right every single time but i'm trying, you know i'm trying

cause i believe that every prayer goes to heaven / since that's the case that's why i am still...

standing here, so unclear


Changing Colors EP - October 2007
There to Here - May 2005