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A Father's Prayer

Written By: Ed VonAsten

I've traveled many roads in my life that came to a rocky end
I've searched that paved highway they say where life begins
It seems I find no peace of mind at the closing of each day
For every rock that I've felt a piece of me just fell away

So now I stand before my God, my defenses all worn down
The armor I placed around my heart has fallen to the ground
So I place myself in your hands to do with what you may
This time I'll try to make a point to listen to what you say

I know there are no guarantees for a better life ahead
All I'm asking is a little help before I go to bed
Bless all those who care for me, even those who could care less
I pray that some day my kids will say daddy did his best

My intentions were always good even when they failed to see
I held the greatest love for them, they were always a part of me
So now as I close my eyes at the end of this empty day
I pray that the morning brings your hand to guide me through another day.

copyright 2007 Ed VonAsten
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