Edward  Forsythe

Edward Forsythe


A baby at 23, Edward Forsythe sings stories built from personal mythologies. With a voice that sounds like John Jacob Niles getting a BJ from Nick Drake while Jeff Buckley plays the voyeur, Forsythe sings of simple lives of Southern Ontarians. This is night music.


Edward Forsythe works hard at his music, patiently assembling intricate folk guitar, country melodies and subtle pop hooks. He has only recently begun singing to his compositions but like some of his heroes Forsythe likes to perform with precision and record in single takes. His first set of lo-fi recordings might just hit you where it hurts. He has recently taken to
wearing suspenders.


Somewhere in southern ontario

Written By: Edward Forsythe

When I come home I can't show any love/because of the wrong mind that ain't worth the time

I hibernate in a dark cave and come out/to a strange land that I can't understand

I see a man on a horse that resembled my old school teacher from years ago...he joked:

You can take the boy out of Oakville, but you can't take Oakville out of the boy.

Run run run, oh who are you?

Bird Hit the Window

Written By: Edward Forsythe

Little girl you're dad just died / in the night / go to bed / sleep tight / cold and hungry / my child: you know a bird just hit the window?

I came home one cloudy day / found my dad cleaning bird oils was very sad / we concealed to avoid mom's past: you know a bird just hit the window?

In my eyes / in my eyes / you buried your old self in the backyard: trying to provide / to give / to the family / working hard / becomming sick with responsibility / and it blew up in your face / in my eyes.

My child go for the eyes / my child go for the eyes / go for my eyes to keep alive...

You know a bird just hit the window?

old nights

Written By: Edward Forsythe

Into the night
Onto your back
To see all the lights down yonder

This offering streches to the weary minds that are in my dreams


In december 2007 I'm going to record an album at Hotel2tango.

Set List

My set will be 20 minutes.