Edward Guglielmino
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Edward Guglielmino

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Band Alternative Avant-garde


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Live Review – 27.11.09, The Zoo, Brisbane"

“Neighbourhood enigma, dancin’ Edward Guglielmino is up next, the twanging reverb’d and glittering guitar, coupled with Ed’s sweet and low voice necessitates inclusion on a John Huges film’s soundtrack. Cure and Smiths-type melodies, sans posturing, soaring vocal harmonies and booming stadium pop manage to distract from the fact that Ed’s guitar strap is on backwards (who does that?). Midway through the set the band brings the noise to a heavier number, and the whole thing is bloody lovely.” - Time Off Magazine

"Everett True"

“Brisbane’s answer to Robert Smith.. a fascinating character: vulnerable and against-the-grain and possessed of an inner belief that has nothing to do with peers. His mother really ought to stop comparing him to a younger me (20 years younger) though - Ed's going to amount to way more than that!"

- Direct quote

"Album review - Late At Night"

"Late At Night is a powerful statement, one that repays careful listening." Noel Mengel - Courier Mail
- The Courier Mail

"Live review - 17.04.10 The Troubadour"

"Edward Guglielmino continued staking his claim as the natural successor of the quirky, clever guitar-pop crown for which Brisbane has become famous. He’s got the book smart looks, the enigmatic obfuscation of his bio, the delicious pop hooks with hints of piss-taking..." - Faster Louder


Live in Cori's Backyard (Live Album)
1. Rhythm of Life
2. Lately Speaks the Shadow
3. Margaret
4. Late At Night
5. Take Me Home Tonight
6. Caught in a Landslide
7. Fail With Me
8. Crushed by A late Night Dream
9. Settle Down With Me
10. Lion In Your Bed
11. Swam in the Water

Settle Down With Me (Single)
Released October 2009
1. Settle Down With Me
2. Settle Down With Me (Album Version)
3. Lion In Your Bed (Live)
4. Settle Down With Me (Live)

Late At Night (Album)
Release March 2009
1. Caught In A Landslide
2. Fail With Me
3. Rhythm of Life
4. Lion In Your Bed
5. Late At Night
6. Nobody Is Perfect
7. Status Quo
8. Star Shining So Bright
9. Take Me Home Tonight
10. Crushed By A Late Night Dream

Tacky EP (A Very Tacky EP)
Released 2007
1. Tacky Song
2. Demegod
3. Coffee and Cream
4. Cheap Lies
5. Savour The Night
6. NYC
7. Devil’s Eyes



Love him or hate him Edward Guglielmino is an artist people talk about. Whether it be about his constant online bantering (featured on edg.ug and collapseboard.com) , an endless run of east coast and international touring or his unique style of avant-garde crooning, the last couple of years have seen the artist be the centre of conversation on many an occasion.

Not so much a rebel as simply someone intent on doing things his own way; whimsically re-interpreting his songs from gig to gig, writing, recording and uploading from all corners of the globe, pausing regularly to collate an official release made up of a mix of bedroom and even hotel recordings.

But, like any good artist, his way has now evolved. Evolved from the indie-kid mix of bedroom and hotel recordings to the fully produced and realised affair that was Late At Night.

Dubbed The Show, EdÂ’s permanent studio and stage band are a collective of Brisbane talent featuring Rowley Cowper on bass, Lucas Arundell on guitar and and Skinny JeanÂ’s Samuel D. Schlencker on drums.

Edward's second full length album is currently underway with Jamie Treveskis (Timothy Carroll, Texas Tea) and is due for release in late 2011.