Edwige Morgen

Edwige Morgen


Jazz singer-songwriter with a deep and sensual voice. new album: "quelque chose dans l'air": The charm, humor and poetry of the lyrics, the jazzy spirit, swinging and dancing, beautiful melodies tinged with nostalgic tunes that get stuck in your head ! more infos : www.edwige-morgen.com or Deezer


Edwige, after nine years in Germany starts in London in years 90 and occurs in the London jazz clubs while perfecting her voice and her piano "Goldsmith College of Music, Louise Gibbs, then the" Guild Hall.
EDWIGE then participates in numerous "Worshop" (musical training) including Mark Murphy, working tirelessly to jazz standards to his keyboard.
After a long collaboration with pianist Tim Sharp (and piano teacher) she produced her first album in London: "You and the Night and the Music", featuring: Ienne Hunter (guitar), Andy Hamill (cons bass), Steve Brown (drums), Tim Sharp (piano, accordion). This album was never relased (Only jazz standards)

Then EDWIGE MORGEN settled some time in Madrid, where it enriches the experience of the scene in jazz clubs such as "Clamores", the "-Galileo Galilei", "Café Central", the "Solea".
She studied composition with Eva Gancedo the "Escuela de Musica Creativa" and collaborated with many musicians from Argentina, Colombia and Orlando including brazilian SANDOVAL then Richard Krull who composed the music of "Start our romance (piano Laurent de Wilde in his new album).
After returning to Paris in 2000, EDWIGE MORGEN occurs in many jazz clubs such as: Sunside the Bilboquet, Cave du Franc Pinot ... but at the Relais du Plaza Athénée in Montreux, continuing his travels surrounded by his quartet .

EDWIGE MORGEN, has produced his new opus "Something in the air", 12 original compositions (written 11 texts, composer of 3 songs) already performed at the opening of the Festival "Friends of Django" to COTI CHIAVARI Corsica, on August 4 last! You will find Twelve original All text is Edwige Morgen, except "the cafe" Christian Mesmin (speech and music); Several composers have participated in this project: Edwige Morgen, Thierry Boulanger, Laurent Guanzini Bruno Barbier and Richard Krull . These songs are performed by talented musicians including Laurent de Wilde in "special guest", featuring Stephane Chausse.


1st Album available in France and on itunes on February 11th. Album already available on deezer for free listening. The album just has been send to all the radios and press. Waiting for feedback. Already interviewed + live tunes on a french international radio station ( R.F.I)

Set List

Sets : About 1h15

1. Tu ne rentreras pas ce soir
2. J’oublie (toujours quelque chose...)
2. Au café
4. Aux rayons de minuit

5. Swing song
6. Il ne faut pas croire…
7. Parfum d’ajonc
8. Quelque chose dans l’air
9. Sentiment d’urgence
10. Le jour la nuit
11. C’est pas d’ma faute si j’aime le jazz