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Appleton, Wisconsin, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2018
Band Alternative Garage Rock




"Introspective Garage Punk for the Apocalypse, (EM) Releases Stunning New Album Titled Dumbo"

A while back I wondered why modern songs have become so short in duration. Barely hitting the three minute mark, many of the new releases I've come to love seem like a fleeting moment. There isn't time to fully enjoy the beauty of the lyrics or intricacies within the instrumental. Could it be the result of society's attention span shrinking? Or do musicians and their labels believe that six or even seven-minute tracks won't do as well as they did in the 60s and 70s?

With (EM)'s latest release I had a chance to fully appreciate each song for the first time in a while. Each track being over 3 minutes doesn't alienate or bore the listener their first listen; rather, the complexities found in each song draw you in. In some cases feeling like two songs in one, each track kept me at the edge of my seat with its brutally honest lyrics and unapologetic experimentation in terms of composition. It was overall a comforting listen that I would highly recommend to anyone who likes emo/grunge-esque indie rock. - Cut It Out Magazine

"(EM) Releases a Massive Fuzz Rock Album"

A new album release from (EM), short for Eddie Mead, is an insanely catchy, fuzztone, garage rock masterpiece complete with addicting melodies, tons of hooks both musically and vocally, and a fusion of genres.

The Dumbo album is packed with creative sounds and effects along with acoustic and electric guitar combinations that breathe a bit of a new life into indie-rock.

This is a record that is alive and breathing at all times. Songs are shining and boundless as they wail on and give a certain warm feeling.

Crossing a 90's underground rock sound, with a deep grunge feel, and never leaving pop behind, Dumbo is a huge record with so much fun to soak in it's almost engulfing.

You can hear the limitless factor on this album. The fact that this was created without walls or a precise format of "how to do things".

It is a free record and you can hear and feel that freedom in creation. That freedom in recording. I think this is part of why the album is so addicting and why you will relate to not only its words but its actual sounds.

There is an ambience to the record as well. Something that expands and contracts all the way through.

Bringing to mind bands like Modest Mouse at times, and Beach Boys others, there is a portrayal of eclectic influences running through the veins of this piece of work.

This is sort of an opus of a record in the way that it's a lot to soak in but damn is it fun to do.

You end up falling in love with the grit of the sound of the release quickly and it's quirky and bendy sounds scattered about.

Dumbo has its own atmosphere.

Check this album out and see if you can shake it off once it's over. - The Sounds Won't Stop

"(EM) - dumbo"

This album is impossible not to listen to from beginning to end, the hooks are strong and grip you even when you think you have escaped them. The lyrics in each single capture your attention within seconds and I feel any listener will be able to relate to them. The combination of sounds, instrumentals and vocals work so well together on this incredible album, it has something for everyone to enjoy.

It was hard for me to pick my favourite track from this album as each track has its own anthemic sound which makes it special. If I really had to pick one that has managed to stand out a little more from the other tracks it would be ‘massive gamble’, this single is full of energy and lyrics that make you stop and listen to every word, I found myself hooked within seconds and tapping along with the song.

This album was something completely different to what I usually enjoy listening to, but I could not help but love what I was hearing. It’s safe to say I’m a fan and look forward to hearing more music from Eddie in the future.

Great job!


By Ollie Cooper - That Blogger Music

"Reflect With (EM) and His Poetic Lyricism In, "Opening Night: Short Story""

Where introspective garage punk meets poetic lyricism is where you'll find the Alternative artist and singer-songwriter (EM), especially with help from his latest thought-provoking single, "Opening Night: Short Story." From the cold woods of Wisconsin, (EM) has been honing his craft for two decades, writing music and learning his way around the past and present production techniques. Using his lyricism as an emotional outlet, (EM) is eager to pull in fans through his conceptual storylines and a sonic hybrid sounds of lo-fi garage rock, shoegaze-sludge pop, and hints of folk and psychedelia.

Recently releasing his intro track "Opening Night: Short Story" off of his album 'Dumbo,' (EM) brings us into a conceptual, emotional, and compelling storyline through his dreamy and poetic lyricism. Not to mention the hard-hitting and textured instrumentation, we love the song's organic and natural feel as (EM) blasts through with a message that lingers our minds for hours on end.

"Opening Night: Short Story" begins with crisp drum breaks, distorted and layered electric guitars, and a warm acoustic guitar to brighten the song's atmosphere. As (EM) starts singing in a low, reflective, and dreamy voice, he captures us into the heavy scenery he's depicting with each in-depth lyric.

We love the grunge, and mellow-punk feel that (EM) has delivered with this piece, which is perfectly complemented by lyrics like "I worked so long to lose it all, I tried too hard, forgot to love myself." Reaching the end of this exhilarating track, we adore each heavy sonic element accompanied by (EM)'s vulnerable and relatable lyricism.

Catch (EM)'s heated release "Opening Night: Short Story" on all streaming platforms, and check out the entire album 'Dumbo,' as (EM) serenades us with each introspective lyric and ground-breaking melody.

Listen to "Opening Night: Short Story" here. - BuzzMusic

"(EM) - "dumbo""

New album from lo-fi/indie/attic-punk act (EM) out of Appleton, WI. This came out at the tail-end of last year. Good stuff to jam while you're stuck inside and going a little crazy because outside of those four walls it's a subzero winter wasteland and there's a never-ending pandemic and you're trying to keep yourself grounded, but all you want to do is drink a bottle of whiskey and scream from the rooftop on a Tuesday afternoon.

Rating: 8.8/10 - Cabin Corner


#1 son (2010 - 2019) - released in 2019

continued (2012 - 2019) - released in 2019

dumb decades, dumb centuries - released in 2020

meadmouth - released in 2020

thrEE - released in 2020

dumbo - released in 2020



Introspective garage punk from the cold woods of Wisconsin. 

(EM) is the solo moniker of recording artist Eddie Mead. He has been playing and writing music for nearly two decades. Building on his experiences playing in several local bands of various styles and volumes (such as Mercer, Backer, and Wisher), he’s assumed full creative control and released his first four proper solo albums throughout 2020. His latest, ‘dumbo’, synthesizes his familiar heavy guitar riffs with more fluid, psychedelic textures and arrangements. All of (EM)'s music is self-recorded + produced in bedrooms, attics, and garages around the lonesome state of Wisconsin. 

In writing music, Eddie finds his main emotional outlet. Lyrically, he examines isolation, nostalgia, dreams, memories, mental illness, substance abuse, addiction, and the struggles of recovery. He sings sad songs for the apocalypse. His words are sometimes stream of consciousness, or can be influenced by the works of Kurt Vonnegut, T.S. Eliot, and Beat Generation authors. He hopes listeners might relate to the issues discussed in his lyrics and find comfort or inspiration. 

Musically, (EM) blends together a strange hybrid of lo-fi garage rock/shoegaze-sludge-pop with elements of folk and some psychedelia. His tunes have a balance of intricate, layered guitar work and dreamy, textured noise. They can feature cut-up beats and odd patterns of disfigured sounds. With a disaffected voice, he sings understated, modest melodies. Amongst his many influences are Bob Dylan, Guided By Voices, Television, Nick Drake, Dinosaur Jr., My Bloody Valentine, Mission of Burma, Big Star, The Cure, The Replacements, and much more. 

(EM)'s prolific output continues, with multiple releases planned for 2021.

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