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"Ed Zealous @ In The City, Manchester (BBC live review)"

Ed Zealous at Studio, 7.45pm (CL)

Ed Zealous isn’t one extremely eager man, but five fresh young Northern Irish fellas bursting with fine slices of experimentation, natty threads and, in one case, a rather fetching, if somewhat inappropriate - given the temperature in Studio - massive furry hat. Theirs is a dislocated epic style of rock that’s capable of being just as moody as their flailing floppy fringes, while also delivering a clean set of smiles. They may struggle for longevity, but right now, you won’t find many better prospects.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/manchester/content/articles/2008/10/06/051008_itc_sunday_feature.shtml - BBC Manchester


Coming from the same stable as the legendary Undertones, Ed Zealous seem to be prone to bad luck.
First they lose everything after their rehearsal space fell victim to a controversial arson attack and when they find a new rehearsal space it goes and gets demolished. Well the bad luck ends here and its all thanks to a 'Pretty Face'. While the old cliché 'it's inside what counts' is true it doesn't go a miss to have a pretty face and if songs had faces this would be a beautiful one. Coming on like a melodic beauty, 'Pretty Face' is sure to get some toe's tapping and will bring that classic old line 'No Way Jose' back into the mainstream. I'm a bit scared of their obsession with fire however.



They've put in the hard yards getting to this point, but Belfast's Ed Zealous are finally releasing their debut single, and 'Pretty Face' is a suitably gobby, frisky slice of indie-pop. Their guitars are as lean and sharp as their threads. Steve McAvoy's vocals croon and sneer in equal measure, and the jackhammer rhythm section keeps things skipping along in the disco-flavoured manner of Franz and The Strokes in their pomp. Promising stuff. - ALTERNATIVE ULSTER MAGAZINE


taken from: http://www.bbc.co.uk/northernireland/atl/glasgowbury08_edzealous.shtml


CROWD REACTION: After a worryingly poor turnout, Ed Zealous eventually crammed the Spurs of Rock tent as the catchy, high powered tracks grabbed us by the ears and dragged us in. People dancing up front and singing along really made for a party atmosphere which boosted the festival feeling.

REMARKABLE MOMENT:'Pretty Face' was absolutely the shining moment. It's one of the tracks of the year without doubt. Even if you haven't heard it before, we bet it was in your head for most of the evening. The band really seemed to enjoy it too, getting into the festival spirit themselves, with random head wear and obligatory festival Buckfast. The level of enjoyment all round was overwhelming.


"Live review - Belfast Spring and Airbrake 31/5/08"

Taken from: http://www.noizemakesenemies.co.uk/2008/06/fighting-with-wire-belfast-spring-and.html

Keyboards, guitars, haircuts and strategically placed stubble decorate the stage next in the form of Belfast-based 5-piece Ed Zealous. Don’t write them off as another NME cover-good-looking but can’t-play-for-shit band. Fashionably dressed does not equal fashionable mess. Lead singer Steve McAvoy’s voice lulls and moans in all the right places over a backing of keys and indie-rock rhythm. New single “Pretty Face” is due for release in the near future as is a slot at Glastonbury. Just as well really, it’s just the sort of tune-age you’d want for the summer months. - noizemakesenemies.co.uk

"Review: Ed Zealous Single Launch"

Taken from:

Review: Ed Zealous Single Launch

ED Zealous have come a long way since we saw them earlier in the year, and their recent Glastonbury appearance has paid dividends in terms of performance. We’re convinced that up in their infamous HQ the Icebox they’ve been performing nightly voodoo rituals, sacrificing unsuspecting partygoers in order to channel very essence of the grimier end of the rock n roll Hall of Fame. Swagger and confidence were the order of the night and the audience was treated to a band who knew they were at the top of their game. Their music has tendrils that reach from the Pixies to Kasabian, the Black Crowes and The Stones but these touchstones are only ever a slight presence, and always seen through Ed Zealous’ buzzsaw shaped prism.

Unsurprisingly the band finished off with their single ‘Pretty Face’. It’s interesting that, on CD the song’s darker edges are polished enough to be commercial but live it really gets it’s claws out and allows it’s abrasive, slightly schizophrenic side to shine. With such an impressive live show and a bankable alt nugget to shift we’re expecting to hear a lot more from Ed Zealous in the coming months. - WIRED UP


AA-side "Pretty Face"/ "Getaway Cars" released on 7th July 2008

Has already received airplay from Huw Stevens on BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 music's Tom Robinson, XFM and Radio 1 NI



Ed Zealous, the most electrifying band to hail from the burgeoning Belfast scene, were crafted from ice and flames and are prepared to chill the bones and fire up the senses with their precision rush of melody and guitars.

As the Arcade Fire hit the covers of the London press, fledgling Belfast band Ed Zealous were left to combat an altogether less savoury arcade fire of their own. Discovered first by the legendary Ulster punk impresario Terry Hooley (lest we forget, the man who found us the Undertones), Terry had opened his Good Vibrations record shop to them to rehearse in. The routine was the same, after hours, Ed Zealous would be left in the shop to rehearse. Terry locking them in and then returning a few hours later when rehearsals were done.

One night, they decided against rehearsing. The same night the largest arson attack since the terrorist ceasefire, raged through the historic North Street Arcade in North Belfast, decimating all in its path including Good Vibrations. The band lost everything, as did everyone involved with the arcade. The fire also destroyed Terrys own huge archive of vinyl records and photos, including irreplaceable original material from the Belfast punk scene of the late Seventies. The fire still raises controversy on the streets of Belfast to this day.

Through the fire was borne the Ice Box. The Ice box is the three storey communal Belfast bolt-hole that is a regular calling point for noise abatement officers in South Belfast. It boasts a perfectly apt home-made studio in the rafters, can turn its hand (and has) to being a video and photo-shoot location, a rehearsal space and an open house for impromptu after-shows that raise the roof almost every night. Most importantly, it was the place that a rotating roll call of Ed Zealous calls/called home. It is soon to be knocked down. There is guaranteed to be the daddy of all final parties here in the Ed Zealous mothership.

Ed Zealous are Steve McAvoy (vocals), Andrew Wilson (guitar), Paul Olphert (guitar), Pete Lloyd (bass) and Paul Irwin (drums). Formed during their early days in art college, all five are originally from small seaside towns in Co.Derry. Their no-nonsense gigs in Belfast have become something of a must see event, with increasing numbers gathering to witness the Belfast brigade burn down the barriers of contemporary music.

Debut single is released on 7th July. The two first tracks you will here from this band are:

1. Pretty Face

2. Getaway Cars

They will not be the last…

"So catchy. So powerful. One of the most immediate, hook layden tracks I've heard this year."
Rory McConnell / Radio 1 NI

"head and shoulders above the rest"
Steve Cummins / Hot Press

"Timeless Power-Pop with a sense of adventure"
Francis Jones / BBC ATL

"A Cracking debut single…fell in love with it the moment I stuck it on my turntable"
Tom Robinson / BBC 6 Music