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Eryn ~ Lead Vocals
I'm just an average girl trying to go through life peacefully
and conquer my dreams at the same time. My life and passion
is based upon one thing, my music… To reach out and grab
someone's soul through the songs. I am going to school for
audio recording hopefully to become an engineer sometime in
the future. I've been singing with the band Sundance for over
6 years and I used to sing background vocals with a band
called Jody and The Average Joes. Now im singing with
Eeazily Amuzed this band is like a dream come true. In this
band im not just in the background to make things sound
better, Im there to show off me! I play a little guitar and write
original songs. I am also happily married with a beautiful
daughter who is my life. I'm in the beginnings of life and am
just trying to live it to its full potential. I am in a three-fold
Utopian dream.

George ~ Bass
My love for music has been with me all my life. I have been
involved with various bands since I was fourteen years old.
Some of the more notables: Rampage, Country Ramblers,
James Lawless Band, and now Eeazily Amuzed. I'm currently
the bassist for EA and also cover some 12 string
guitar work. Born a native New Jerseyan in Jan. 1953, my
family has quite a musical history, I also have been playing
guitar for more than 35 years. I'm now living a dream this is
one hell of a band,its like a family atmosphere, we all get
along and enjoy what we do, entertain the people. Rock lives
on, and as far as I'm concerned will live on forever.

Drew ~ Guitar/ Vocals
I'm jus a youngin playin guitar and having the need to play
every moment of my life.I taught myself how to play guitar,
drums,piano and bass. I'm just starting to get out so i'm lovin
life and doin the best I can, and yes ladies I am single so calm
down or i'll have to get one of my body guards to help me. I'd
say i'm in a pretty good place right now with a pretty good
band and i'm still young. So, to everyone out life

Terri ~ Keys/Backup/lead vocals
I'm a native New Jerseyan, have been playing the guitar
since I was 14. I played mostly acoustic, doing a lot of finger
picking. I played around with the keyboards as a kid at my
grandparents house, but never got around to "formal" lessons
until *MUCH* later in life. The music I grew up with was mostly
folk or folk rock and country, and I didn't get into the rock until
high school. Like George, I'm also a former member of the
James Lawless Banned playing rhythm guitar, keyboards and
synths, doing some lead and backing vocals, but my musical
background goes much further than that. I have always sung,
and have performed on stage both with and without
instrumental accompaniment all through school and college.
And as far as I know, so far I'm the only one in my family
besides a Great Aunt to play any instruments. As to my age,
while I know George listed his, let's just leave it at "I'm old
enough to know better, but young enough to not care. "But
I'm younger than he is....And oh yeah...he's my husband.
With Eeazily Amuzed, I've been concentrating on playing the
keys and synth, (I only play guitar once in a while), and doing
some of the vocals--mostly harmonies. I'm also writing songs
more now than I used to, since expanding into playing with a
synthesizer. That has given me a whole new range of
expressions. I still write mostly lyrics, though.
I breed and train Arabian horses when not involved with band
stuff, and have done some research for a website on horses
that I cohost with a friend in MD.
I think we have a very powerful and unique thing going with
the members of Eeazily Amuzed. Our sound is very dynamic
and the range of songs we've been playing is pretty wide
spread. One of the things I really like about us is the lack of
tension. There aren't really any head games going on. It's
been really laid back and a whole lot of fun. And if it ain't fun,
it ain't worth doing!"

Tom ~ Guitar/Vocals/Backup Vocals/Harmonica

Coming soon.....

Vic ~ Drums

I just like to bang on shit!