We are loud, fun, passionate and danceable with an angsty and earnest flair that draws people in to our live show and captures hearts and minds while we play. We sound like no other band in vancouver, in a good way. HI-FI LO-FI INDIE ROCK!


EEEK! is a three piece band hailing from East Vancouver, Britsh Columbia. These four young men hold a heartfelt desire to write and perform quality and original music. With a sound made up of an eclectic mix of 90’s indie guitar rock, garage rock and art rock stylings, EEEK! often draws comparisons to well known acts like Titus Andronicus, Abe Vigoda and Dinosaur Jr. Adding a light dash of pop hooks and tropical drum rhythms the band prides itself on staying fresh in today’s fast paced scene without straying too far from their influences. EEEK! is no exception to the norm, intent on providing an exciting and engaging live show, they use passion, volume and earnest song writing to craft an engaging live show. High intensity, fast paced energy is a staple of any EEEK! show, along with impressive musicianship and a knack for getting people dancing off their feet. Not afraid to take risks, one of EEEK!’s many goals is to continue to move forward musically and not be pigeon holed into any one certain style or genre. Ever searching for that perfect balance between innovation and accessibility. EEEK! is the recipe for an overwhelming good time!


EEEK! 2 EP Cassette - 2010
Potential/Gospel Problems 7" single - 2012 (Kingfisher Bluez)
Move Real Slow - 2012 (Kingfisher Bluez)

Set List

A Will and Grace Period
Tough Guys
Down and Out in Harrison Fjord
New Coffee
For Our Health
CNU Around
Lake Soux