hi i'm eekODYSSEY and i am an indie singer/songwriter here in toronto. i use kazoos and cheap guitars to create what i call "bum-rock" a hybrid of early americana and proto woody guthrie meets richard hell.


i started playing guitar since age 12 when i made my first guitar out of Lego and elastic bands. since then i have played in several bands but decided to go solo over a year ago when i went into a mall to buy a pair of shoes but bought an acoustic guitar instead. i instantly began writing a bunch of new songs and quickly paired it with a kazoo. this has been something much more personal to me as i get to write and play material entirely from my perspective on the world and the human condition.

the name itself "eekODYSSEY" i got from misspelling "ekadasi" an ancient hindu holy day of fasting that happens twice a month based on the rotation of the moon.

I would say my biggest influences are woody guthrie, bob dylan, the kinks, the velvet underground, tom waits, richard hell and the voidoids, daniel johnston, the pogues, the flaming lips and devendra banhart.


i recorded my first album entitled "face to the ground" last summer and am currently working on an EP entitled "burnt toast" with Unlimited Sounds Records for distribution on I-Tunes. My next full length album "i did warn ya" is also in the works.

Set List

"Plastic Jesus" cover of an old folk song
"all the wrong moves" original
"burnt toast" original
"behind the times" original
"all the things that don't make sense" original
"bloody pirates" original
"let the devil in" cover of a "TV on the Radio" song
"face to the ground" original
"free range" original
"ghost in your closet" original
"constellation prize" original
"i did warn ya" original
"cancer" original
"crooked st." original
"burial shroud" original
"pretty kitty" original
"better off" original