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Dianella, Western Australia, Australia

Dianella, Western Australia, Australia
Solo Pop R&B


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Growing up in a family where music was on 24/7, it was no coincidence as to why Eella found a love for music. 
From the age of 5, she would perform, sing and dance for anyone and everyone around the neighbourhood, in which she grew up in. 

"my nickname when i was growing up was Aaliyah. god i wanted to be like her so badly, i wanted to sing like her, learn how to dance like her. 
i was 5 years old, and i remember singing 'try agin' so many times, that my mum would beg me to shut up" 

At the age of 8, Eella would move from neighbourhood performanceses to live Performance. growing up in Nigeria, Eella's Mother sang with bands at local pubs. "living in a countrey where there was no age ID requirements or entrie limits. I would go watch my mum sing and would occasionally sing with her on stage" 

"I always knew music was what i wanted to do, because even at the age of 8, i couldnt imagine myslef doing anything else. As you grow up people tell you that your ambitions in life would change, but my never did and it probably never will". 

By the age of 15, with the stress of high school and being a teenager, Eella needing and outlet for emotions, began writing her own music 

"I found that music was all about telling a storie, it maybe your story or someone elses. the truth is there is always someone else who is going through similar things, and its amazing how music can connect to so many different people in different way." 

After high school came the biggest decision Eella had to make. she was hoping to go to university to lean music performance, when her mum came up with the idea that, she should change couses and take up music production instead. This at the time for Eella meant giving up being a performer and leaving the stage behind. 

"I thank my mum everyday for telling me to learn music production, it's one thing when you just play music its a totally different feeling to produce,recoard and or create different styles of music from start to finish." 

Eella became and artist could not only make music for herslef but leant how to produce music for both herslef and for other artist. 
The first original song written and produced by Eella was presented to Richmond Street Records. Which was then placed in the 2014 album, Blender. 
The Track Escape had combined influences such as Jordan Specks and Gabriella Aplin along with Eella's unique spin on the genre. 

“When I wrote the song Escape i wasn't thinking about how it was going to sound to everyone else or if radio stations would to like it. i just write based on how i felt and things that where happing around me. 
Music is meant to evoke emotion, and most times people don't know how to feel about thing, and thats when music plays its biggest role." says the Nigerian/ Australian singer. 

"This is why Artist such as Whitney Houston, Tina Tuner, Beyonce, Rihanna e.t.c where loved and sill loved, it's because they sang about real things such as: first Love's, heartbreak , fears, happiness, sex, going Crazy ,Partying, being Young, life lessons …I want to write, sing and make music about this things because, to be honest thats life.” 

As a promising Producer, Singer, Songwriter. Eella's craft keeps growing and she continues to become an Artist that can't help but supposes expectation.

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