Eenormus Sidecar's music is a instant dose of hot buttered guitars, fierce vocals, giant drumming, and burly subs. The songs reach out and grab you by the nuts and leave you honey roasted. Don't miss this duo live, they will rip your dreadlocks out, and send you twirling to the nethers!


Come on a wild ride with one of the hottest up n coming musicians out of California. Formerly the guitarist with Les Claypool's Frog Brigade, Eenor has a powerful voice, excitingly original songs, and is a true maverick on the guitar. He has appeared nationwide and been received enthusiastically by audiences all over America. Eenor has appeared at the Bonaroo festival, The Jammies in NYC, CMJ music conference, Gathering of the Vibes, New Orleans Jazzfest, and more....Eenor's brand of Freek Rock is creating a strong buzz in the underground.

Eenor is preparing for the release of his second CD, "Eenormus Sidecar," featuring Tommy Cappel (Yard Dogs Road Show, Extra Action Marching Band) on drums. It was recorded all live to capture the impact of his power duo with Tommy. They recorded at the legendary Plant studios in Sausilto, Ca. The sound is brilliant and full of energy combining elements of electronic music such as break beat, dub, drum n bass, and heavy rock.. It features two new singles, "Birdman of Alcatrazz" and "Spaceman, Not."

Eenor is a new fangled multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and intriguing performer. He has been shaking up the San Francisco underground since the early 90's. He's enjoyed many musical ventures from touring Europe with Plainfield (an infamous S.F. punk band), to studying at the feet of Indian Sarod master Ali Akbar Khan in San Rafael.

From 2000-2003- Eenor performed with The Les Claypool Frog Brigade. He performed on all three of the releases; Live Frogs Set's 1 and 2 (a remake of Pink Floyd's "Animals"), and The Purple Onion, the bands studio album. He is also featured on the Bonaroo 2001 DVD with the Frogs, and the latest DVD compilation "5 Gallons of Diesel." During his tenure with the Frogs, he had the opportunity to perform with luminaries such as Adrian Belew, Stuart Copeland, Ike Willis (Frank Zappa), Trey Anestasio, Mike Gordon, Mike Watt, Buckethead, Jerry Cantrell, Eric McFadden, M.I.R.V., and more... Some tremendous music was made and Eenor consistently wowed the Frog audiences with his original flavor and style.

Eenor's first solo CD "Monkey to Monkey" was released April 1st 2004, and was performed and recorded mostly by Eenor. Tommy helps out on drums for half of the songs, and a few guests from the Bay Area are featured. The sound is stripped down, experimental, and raw. It features blazing guitar work, powerful vocals, and intelligent songs.



Eenor "Monkey To Monkey" full length CD/ April 2004
Eenor also appears on all 3 Les Claypools Frog Brigade CD's
"Purple Onion"
"Live Frogs Set 1"
"Live Frogs Set 2 (remake of Pink Floyd's "Animals")
eenor also appears on
Nascar Compilation with Les Claypool
Live from Bonaroo CD and DVD 2002
Les Claypool 5 Gallons of Diesel DVD
Channel 23 "Float" (produced by eenor)
Jill Tracy, "*"
Breakfast, "Sound On" and "Live in S.F."

upcoming releses in 06:
Eenormus Sidecar (new duo debut recorded at The Plant in Sausilito, Ca 02/06)
Hamsa Lila Live
Yard Dogs Road Show CD
Jupiter Rising (Chime-Universal Records)

Set List

Eenormus Sidecar performs a high energy Rock set usually, made up mostly of the songs on Eenor's "Monkey To Monkey," and the newer material set for release soon by the new duo. We draw from our past incarnation as Breakfast as well which was an all improv project which focused on live dub, ambient, breakbeat, drum n bass. This influence allows us to stretch and morph our songs to suit the venue and the audience. We always add covers to keep us fresh, some recent covers include "Are You Experienced," and "Machine Gun" by Hendrix, "Wandering Stars" by Portishead, "Crosseyed and Painless" by The Talking Heads, multiple Tom Waits tunes, requisite Sabbath, and more.