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The best kept secret in music


"EESCH - Falling Down EP Review"


Not totally sure if this 7" is still available; with a limited pressing of 330 it isn't likely but lets plough on regardless. There are two songs on this one-sided, purple slab of vinyl. Both of which fall nicely under a big banner proclaiming "good, solid pop-punk songs reside here". Apparently this band have been up and running for the better part of 10 years; which goes some way to explaining how they've developed a more mature approach to song writing. None of the vacant, uninspiring pop-punk slop that seems so prevalent these days. No, this 7" grabbed my attention from the outset, in particular the 2nd track 'TV Theme' with its lovely crisp guitar licks and neat dual-vocaled chorus.

If you like the more mid-pace, super melodic styled punk, then chances are you'll love Eesch. This is a great little 7".


- Collective

"EESCH Falling Down EP Review 2"

Another in the limited edition 7" series this time sees EESCH cranking out a couple of pop-punk belters, namely the title track and "TV Theme" from the "candy store " album. And pressed into tasty looking purple vinyl. Limited to 330 so as usual with these little suckers you have to be hot off the mark to pick one up and you should do.


- Fracture

"EESCH Falling Down EP Review 3"

5th single sided 7" from those Boss TUneage people, this being on deep purple vinyl. But thats where the comparisons with those lumbering rock dinosaurs begins and ends, The 2 tracks here are bouncy BIG DRILL CAR meets NAKED RAYGUN style punkers. totally new band to me (and totally shit name too) and one I like a lot. One of these tracks is from the "candy store" album reviewed elsewhere while the other is an exclusive kinda deal I guess. once again its limited, just 330 copies so if you wanna hear a taster of the album (and you should do cos this rocks in a big way) you better be quick.


- Scanner

"EESCH Candy Store CD Review"

these fellas could well be the pop punk find of the year! The have the same "something" that the very best of that genre possess - the same "something" that sets them apart from the hordes of generic cliched wannabes. the same something that made SICKO, GAMEFACE and WHATEVER stand apart. they take the basic pop-punk approach and mix it with either a rock kinda ideal (the title track) or a much harder attack (I'll Wait For You). Still a real big BIG DRILL CAR influence, but maybe mixed with the greatness of the DESCENDENTS here. Great songs, good ideas, top notch playing and spot on production. If those bands mentioned above give your ears orgasms, then this will make them multiple!!


- Scanner

"EESCH Candy Store CD Review 2"

Now this is more like it from Boss T HQ (as the last thing I reviewed was the DIE KUNST album) because EESCH are straight up classy pop punk with a great early 90s sort of power pop feel. the sound is totally reminiscent of early DOUGHBOYS or GOO GOO DOLLS around the classic "Hold Me Up" era, with the same bouncy and driving basslines and sugar-sweetened harmonies. In fact, the song "Way you Are" is either a homage to the GOO GOO DOLLS or else its a direct rip -off of "Just the Way You Are", I'd like to think it was the former. Only complaint is the slight think production on here, but its really pretty good once you learn that it was recorded by the band themselves in their basement - DIY forever! And also note that they have one member in Maryland, one in California and one in Georgia who meet up once a year to record stuff! Yep, this is 16 tracks of melody riddled tune crammed singalong pop-punk that should suit the few sunny days of whats left of August down to a tee.


- Fracture


"Falling Down" EP...
"Candy Store" CD...
both on Boss Tuneage Records (U.K.)...
New album, "Monkey Business," coming in 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


When Brian Schmid went off to college in 1988, he was a man who had a dream. The dream of being in a rock and roll band. As soon as he bought a drumset, Brian and roomate Gary Kirshen began churning out punk rock anthems like Good, This House Stinks Like Garbage, and I Hate the Rain. The bass-less duo made friends throughout the dorm building with their all-hours rocking -- the haunting guitar work and ethereal vocals of Mr Kirshen, combined with the rock-solid rhythms of the man soon to be known as 'Beef', making for the perfect background music for studying and learning of all kinds.
But something was missing. Bass, of course, but also the perfect vocalist to take the band to the next level. When Gary's friend Bryan Ballard visited his collegiate friends, when he and Beef, in a drunken stupor, came up with the name EESCH -- then, truly, a new age of pop had begun. His flawless Morrissey impression proving he had the pipes, Ballard became the new singer and Gary moved over to bass guitar.
Alive with new purpose, EESCH began bringing their pop to the masses. A grueling two or three shows at the Spirit Club brought them a good four or five new fans, based largely on the strength of their new hit Cheeseburger. The trio wrote dozens of songs, but all too soon, diplomas were earned and friends moved apart. Gary remained in California while Brian and Bryan returned to the East coast.
The two soon ended up in Gaithersburg, MD, where they recruited Beef's
brother Jeff to take Gary's place on the four string. After a year of furious song writing, though, disheartened by an inability to get gigs, Ballard moved back home to Rome, Georgia. Beef soon followed, and EESCH entered yet another phase, with Guy Barfield attempting to fill the void left by the younger Schmid.
Even this incarnation was not meant to last, however.
From 1997 until the present, the two Briyan’s (ha! Get it?! Brian & Bryan) moved back to CA, formed the band again, with Gary, played some shows (San Diego/Orange County), were “let go” from their computer programming positions, and until July 2002 each resided in different states (CA, MD, and GA). In between that time, Aston of Boss Tuneage Records in the UK heard EESCH on, and promptly signed the band, and put out their debut album, “Candy Store.” (Whew!)
They have recently (Nov ’02) recorded 50% of their second album, with Beef’s lil’ Bro, Jeff, and will be putting the finishing touches on it in the coming months.
August 2003 – Beef moved to Chattanooga, re-formed EESCH with Bryan Ballard, brought back Guy Barfield, on bass.
August 2005 - EESCH playing regularly in the Southeast, and have acquired a new bass player, Greg Lord.