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Eff Anthony




Have you been suffering a music malaise lately? Can't find anything on radio to give you that audio fix you need? Then allow us to introduce Bronx native, Eff Anthony - a soul-singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer whose pure talent will absolutely knock your socks off. To give you a small idea of Anthony's highly-evolved sound, take the authentic musicality of John Mayer, mix
in the seasoned silky-smooth vocals of John
legend, throw in a scoop of Craig David's slick, limelight-ready persona, and you'll begin to
understand the flavor Eff Anthony brings to the table.

The 26yr-old Franco Anthony has been a musical prodigy from the very beginning. After receiving a drum kit from his parents at the age of eight, the youngster proceeded to maneuver the sticks with the ease of a professional percussionist. By the time he graduated from high school, he'd already fronted several bands and taught himself how to play both rhythm guitar and bass. Next for him was an internship at BlackHouse studios in Jacksonville, Florida where he got his hands wet producing hip-hop/R&B tracks, and honing his songwriting skills. The studio's owner, James Bailey, an A&R for Warner Records, quickly noticed his intern's talent and urged him to step from the background, and put the spotlight on himself as a songwriter and performer.

With a fresh focus on his career, Anthony moved back to NYC in 2000 to shop his beats and pursue new musical directions. He ended up encountering another skilled musician named J.U.S. who had already garnered some buzz from appearing on the first season of Diddy's "Making the Band".? A friendship quickly blossomed, and Anthony became a regular member and designated drummer for J.U.S.'s new band, The J.U.S. Evolution.?

The Transformation:

The first major break in Anthony's grind came in early 2006 via the massive, nationwide "Calling all Bands"? contest for unsigned artists sponsored by Verizon Wireless and Myspace. From a pool of almost 5,000 entrants, Anthony was chosen as one of the 15 finalists. Even though he didn't win the ultimate prize, this milestone earned him several write-ups, and opened the ears of some influential industry people. One interested observer was an accomplished producer named Rachid Wehbi with several top-ten hits in the bag for mega-artists like Nelly Furtado, Leann Rimes, and Deborah Cox. Rachid was in NYC working with an upcoming female artist, and as destiny would have it, their paths crossed, and he was immediately drawn in by Anthony's undeniable appeal. The Juno award winning Rachid signed on as the emerging artist's producer, and with the proven trackmaster in tow, the evolution from Franco Anthony to the "Eff Anthony Project"? was complete.

With Rachid Wehbi's input, Eff Anthony's sound has evolved into a beautiful, organic blend of soul and R&B that appeals to both mainstream listeners and discerning critics alike. The current EP, Life is a Song,? is pure quality, and features the lead track, Fantasy, a crisp scorcher that flows effortlessly with sweeping strings, precise chord changes, and Anthony's signature, pitch-perfect delivery. The EP
is rounded out by two other stellar songs: Never Trusted U,? a mid-tempo, multi-textured cut that soars on account of its exceptional arrangement, candid lyricism, and live instrumentation. And lastly,
there's, Reason, a slow joint for the ladies which proves Anthony can belt out a ballad with the best crooners out there. If there was ever a radio-ready demo, this is unquestionably it.

The Next Chapter:

To date, Eff Anthony has received publicity from several local NYC newspapers and television channels, and even opened up for John Legend at a Hot97 radio showcase. He's pretty much an internet celeb with several charted and much-discussed clips on Youtube.com. Currently, you can catch him playing live venues all over NYC, and he's presently in talks to open for a major artist on a nationwide, multi-city tour. "The ink isn't dry on that yet,"? Eff Anthony states, "but when the news comes out, it's definitely going to be a great look for me."?

With a sound this refined and talent this polished, it's just a matter of time before the Eff Anthony Project bubbles to the very top. Do
yourself a favor and recognize the next movement in authentic pop and soul.




Written By: Eff Anthony

I used to sit around and think things wouldn't be so bad,
If we can just forget the past, and start over nice and fresh,
but let' keep it real girl we both know that would never last,
to much damage was impaired and i go crazy when your not there.
I know it's funny but my mind keeps playing tricks on me,
so it's time for me to break free,fly away completely,
iI know it's funny but this might be our last goodbye,
baby don't you cry cause you know that I'll be back sometime ohhh,

maybe I can be your fantasy, if I met you in another lifetime, and it could be, so beautiful for you and me together I hope one day this day will come..

Now I know that right now I can't do nothing for ya,
and the way it's looking my life's kinda running crooked,
believe me when I do understand why your sticking to your plans and deciding to leave your man but,
if I could only get what's in my head in the world, then maybe i'd be able to lace you with diamonds and pearls,
believe me when are paths meet again, we'll be way more than friends cause true love it never ends so.

maybe I can be your fantasy, if I met you in another lifetime, and it could be, so beautiful for you and me together I hope one day this day will come..


Written By: Eff Anthony

Now it feels like yesterday,
when you looked into my eyes,
and said you can't go on like this,
and that it's really time to say goodbye,
and now it was yesterday,
you said if I was doing all I can,
that you appreciate the things I've done I'm just learning to be a man,
just learning to be a man.

so give me a reason,
why did you walk away if you understand
give me a reason
I told you everyday I'm doing all I can
give me a reason
when you left you took more than you understand
give me a reason

and now I wish it was yesterday,
cause overtime I learned a little bit,
and maybe I would change a thing or two and then our worlds could it,
but we'll never see yesterday,
I know I let to much time pass us by,
but I'm still waiting for my answer,
tell me what's the story after

Set List

Eff Anthony is actively seeking talent buyers who are looking to book an indie pop/soul music artist for their venue/event. He is available for indoor or outdoor venues, music fests, corporate or collegiate events, theme parks, fairs/festivals and expos.

He is available as a featured act, a part of a group of acts, or as an opening act for a more established pop, soul, or rock music artist or band.

Eff Anthony is a solo artist who performs alone (acoustic) or with his band depending upon the venue and the promoters budget. He performs original pop music. His musical style is pop/soul. It is music you would hear at a live pop or rock event or on pop radio.

Enough original music for a 90-minute set.