Burbank, California, USA

Effectto's music brings a whole new world of energy to the Latin music scene. It is a blend of several latin sounds and dances. Effectto brings the show to the crowd and the crowd gets involved with the energy at every performance.


Effectto is an urban Latin music group, who’s repertoire includes elements of Hip-Hop, R&B, Latin ,techno, pop and Reggaeton. Their innovative music reflects multi-cultural urban characteristics combined with new sounds and ideas. The two members of the group, “Yazukita” and “Bacoco” have an extensive artistic resume and they bring unique and special elements to the music industry. “Yazukita” is a singer of Honduran and Cuban heritage. He began his music career as a choreographer for music groups such as: Control, La Onda, Big Circo, and many others. As a singer, he has made collaborations with artists such as Pedro Fernandez, in the song “esa mujer” for the soundtrack of the movie, “Corazon Bandido”. He has also worked with: Jessy Morales, El Piolin por la Mañana, A.B Quintanilla presents a Big Circo in the song “Endiablada”, which was a number one hit in the Northern regions of Mexico and Southern Texas. He has recently worked Diana Amor in the song, “Chigugua” and with a number of other artists in the urban and grupero genres. Now, “Yazukita” has evolved and been given the opportunity to work with the talented young man, “Bacoco”, to form Effectto. “Bacoco” is a Cuban singer who has been exposed to the music world since the age of 5. His influences include: salsa, merengue, and all Afro-Cuban music. He has been involved as a dancer, performer, and composer. He has brought his talents and energy to the group, Effectto. Their music mix is just as dynamic as their energy. They have done shows alongside: Baby Rasta y Gringo, Tego Calderon, El Chema, and several other talented young artists. The list of collaborations and new sounds continues to grow rapidly! They take rhythm to new heights. It is a unique blend of different rhythms, cultures, and harmonies. Effectto’s production is mainly orchestrated by AEM-A Productions. They have also done production work with Galeano, Dj Nono, and several others. They bring a new and constantly evolving sound and performance to the world of music.


Effectto is currently working on finishing their first mixtape entitled, "Effectizandote" while working on the first official album. All production, promotion, and music is completely independent.