Effigy of Thought

Effigy of Thought


Brutal death metal. Inspired heavily by Origin and Cannibal Corpse. We focus on furthering our musical dimensions through hard work and determination, we try to push ourselves on each song we write, not only to sound pleasing but to, play structures and rhythms others do not.


Effigy of Thought's music is distinct, few bands from the same area form a similar sound in the death metal genre. Combining heavy guitar patterns, with blazing sweep arpeggios along with guttural vocals and punishing double bass. Influenced by Origin and Cannibal Corpse primarily but also influenced by numerous others ranging from Hate Eternal all the way to Suicide silence.


N/A at this time.

Set List

Time: 30-40 min
Lauri, High Five
Bearitone Cat
Gravitron 2000
Kevlar Mustache
African Snow Wolf