Doetinchem, Gelderland, NLD

Close your eyes and let your imagination do the rest...


It started in the '80's. I was at a friends house after school and he had music from Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and things like that. Then it al started! I wanted to make music like that too!!!
After a lot of years and growing up, I had a Commodore Amiga and Aegis Sonix + DMCS. I started to experiment with the onboard sounds, listened to it, changed it often. And after a while notes startedd to sound like a song. It's like making dinner! The ingredients like potatoes, vegetables and things like that MUST match. You can't put candy in a pan with soup! You can't eat meat without a little bit of salt & pepper.
So, again after a couple of years I bought a Macbook Pro. It came with iLife and the experimenting has begun again. I used my old midifiles, imported them in Garageband and this is how it sounds....

Have a lot of inspiration and a but of fun listening to it!