Efrat Gosh

Efrat Gosh


Folk& cabaretic rock music.Thats eventualy the kind of music I like,write and sing. Yes,as you can hear I sing in hebrew but I do beleive that good music sounds great in every language.


I am 23 yers old.Singing and performing since i remember myself.
At the age of 19 I was signed at NMC music one of three bigest record lables in Israel.I have released two albums wich became almost gold .Also i managed to act in two films as main actress. Looking forward to perform outside Israel .


1st album- "Efrat gosh"- 2004.
2nd album -" The forgivness and me"- 2007.
4 of my songs were played at the most popular Israeli radio- "gagalatz".
One of them"Se the light" achieved number 1 for two weeks.

Set List

My set is no longer than 80 minutes and I have about 18 songs at my typical set list.
At the moment i do sing only original material but it is more than possible to add few covers.