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Black Industrial & Goth Opera


Eftos is a German Avant-garde project. Lyrically it is assigned to nihilism, musically the closest named genre is industrial music.

Eftos was founded in 1984 by E.F. (b. 1970) who is the only member. His musical history originates from the first trackers on the C64 over the Amiga Protracker, the DOS Composer 669 up to the Windows based Modplug Tracker. In 1999 Eftos started with his debut CD 'Local Sense Technology' which is still under construction. In 2006 Eftos began his second CD 'Art Prime' which is in work, too. As Eftos is a studio act only and the lyrics are almost entirely about nihilism, Eftos remains up to now deeply underground inside the Goth subculture. The music can be found only in the WWW.

Eftos is inspired by C64 music, especially Rob Hubbard's Sanxion, because of its lead and the opening. On various websites he states that his music can be classified as 'Leadcore', a genre yet to be defined precisely, however, lead based music was around at all times. A lead is, or leads are the base of his songs. Without repetition, plain, bitonal, polytonal or atonal they follow climax-oriented rules. Around 2005 a radical twist occurred: Eftos changed from instrumentals to vocals and misanthropy. Along with it the music switched to the dark side of industrial.


Generation N

Written By: Eftos

Welcome in Nothing
Your children are ghost
Willkommen im Nichts
Generation Nothing
Unaufhaltbarer Nihlismus
Generation Nichts
Kinder des Nichts
You cant stop Nihilism
You dead Nothing
Wir sind Geister
Epoche: Nihilismus
We are ghost
World of Nothing
Du totes Nichts
Age of Nihilism
Das Nichts ist konstant

Quantum failure

Written By: Eftos

Ten to the power ninety nine
the grid itself empty, no matter and time
untouchable vectors connected loose
quantum loops, they are close.
Physics, soon to find out about
no need to bark the central word!
The end of science draws nearer
Congratulations for discoveriNg the

All a lie
Quantum emptiness

Quantum failure
Lie inside it all
Nihil absolutam
Erased foundation
The empty of the area
Arsenal defect
The physical Nothing
Center superstring wreckage
Worldless conclusion
Lie inside it all
Quantum failure
Its end marked clear
Lie inside it all
Its end marked clear

Darkness without any structure
There isnt one instance ruling: The


Local Sense Technology (1999-2014)
Art Prime (2006-2016)
Essential Eftos (1999-2016)