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"Debut e-gens album now on sale!"

The first official full-length release e-gens are now on sale. Since March 19, e-gens virtual shop is working. There everyone can buy a CD with the album "Fine! Shine!”, selected album tracks and e-gens brand T-shirts. Ringtones are available for purchase too. And now... Go to http://e-gens.com/shop.htm
You can taste e-gens works not only via the Internet, but also you can live with him at home, in the car and perhaps even at work! - e-gens

"e-gens are coming"

Dear Sirs!

We were born in 1987 as a "new wave" band ("AT-home") at the down of Russia's last revolution (“Perestroika”). After three years of creative collaboration, we recorded two full-length albums Eagle Hills (1991) and Golden Slumbers (1992). Due to not having received support and promotion, we broke up in 1993. Later we learned that in Novosibirsk (Academic city) we had an independent "AT-home" fan club. In February 2010 we were the topic in a forum of famous electronic music http://synthema.ru where independent listeners opened four discussions dedicated to our past and present creativity. Now, after 17 years of silence we have completed work on the new album “Fine! Shine!” and took the new name - "e-gens". We took the first steps to promote e-gens in July 2009 while we were unsigned by any Label; we decided to unleash our musical project independently. We launched e-gens profiles directly to three well-known resources that are recognized in the music world as the most promising areas of promotions for young projects. Our best results came from the world’s largest social network MySpace. Over the past 7 months, we have received over 29,000 views, 21,500 plays, and 1,000 comments. 99% have left favorable opinions about e-gens, anywhere from moderately restrained to high-exalted praise. Thanks to our fans, we have a support spanning the world now. Today we start a series of live concerts in Moscow and Novosibirsk at the April - May 2010 dedicated to debut e-gens album and the beginning of e-gens entering.
- http://e-gens.com


Fie! Shine! (LP) (c) 2010



We were born in 1987 as a "new wave" band at the down of Russia's last revolution (“Perestroika”). The KGB reigned and there were political restrictions on everything, including foreign music, which brought with it a spirit of freedom. We wrote socially acute types of songs, intertwined with deep lyrics. We dressed in black shirts, and bandaged our wrists with red cloth to show a sign of how we perceived the world, and how to fit in to a regime that limited the freedoms and creativity of their people. We chose to be the warriors of romance as our image, which opposed the brutal and powerful system. We were all sickened by the false police regime, artificial Soviet music, and even the new "rock culture", which carried the ideology of damage, it was like a feast during a time of plaque. We saw things in a different light, our view was, and beauty would save the world! We had seen the beauty and knew we had to share it with people who had gone mad by wild passions. We knew it was the beauty (harmony if you would like) that was in need of protection and promotion. We had believed the balance of "good" and "evil" had been broken. Orthodox classical music culture was unable to influence the mind of the modern man, steeped in technological problems. There was a need for a powerful opposition to the disharmony. It could be given by the incredible strength and beauty of art.

Gathering as a band, we realized our gift (talent) could be developed to incredible heights, and thus we began to do so. In those days, the "synthesizer" sounded like a "God". You could count on your fingers the number of people who had access to electronic musical instruments and modern music technology. We were brought up in the brilliant works of Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel Jarre, Giorgio Moroder, Visage, Ultravox, and Yello. We could only dream of doing the same. Eugene Titkov without having and formal education composed his own songs on a Polish brand piano, Legnica. Eugene Komarov had gone to school for guitar and had organized a student band with a primitive soviet-made drum machine, electro organ and two electric guitars. The vision to create a musical band came long before our first meeting. We met at a band rehearsal where we brought up the names of the bands Ultavox and Visage, two of our favorites. We needed no other common ground we were instantly brothers, if you want - brothers in arms. And we began to work on new material in the studio, which was a plain room on the sixth floor of a dormitory facility. We had lots of ideas and energy, but the means by which to express ourselves left much to be desired. There were numerous attempts find investors or sponsors to purchase the much needed equipment for developing electronic music. It was and remains the only genre in which we intend to establish and further the songs and music through, because we felt free from the constraints of the so-called "live" instruments of electronic music only. We wanted to create new worlds, full of new and unique colors. All this can only be done in the synthesis of sound. In addition, we always appreciated that we were children of the space era, and that we grew up in the age of active development of cybernetics. It was a beautiful testimony with limitless possibilities of rectification for man and his divine essence. We built on that philosophy. Then fortune smiled on us when Eugene Titkov's sister had mentioned our love of electronic music to the leadership of the Novosibirsk Computer Lab. We outsourced the laboratory staff, which enabled us to use his home computers AGAT series, using the original sound card that was developed in this same laboratory. The first demonstration of our work drew great success, and because of this, we gained access to the recording studio of Novosibirsk State Conservatory to continue our experiments with the creation of electronic music.

We knew that to create outstanding pieces of music that we needed most outstanding ideas and excellent arrangements. We agreed that we would continuously work on each song until it was equally impressive as the recognized masters of the time. We only had studio time from evening until morning, so during the day, we worked to feed our families and ourselves and at night, we learned to create the music that both pleased others and us. The first several months of work, we dedicated to the design and development of the proprietary, technology of electronic music without computers and sequencers because we did not have them in the studio. We had to manage to use a MIDI, which controlled one of two drums, instead of a four polyphonic synthesizer. Some parts we had to play by hand, writing down all the arrangements, so we could tape them using the coded synchronization. It was hellish work, but it gave us invaluable experience so that we reached the level of a music Shoaling, and the results would be forthcoming.

From 1987 t