EG Music, Ousama Afifi

EG Music, Ousama Afifi

 Alexandria, Alexandria, EGY

EG Music was founded in 2007 by the Alexandrian musician / composer Ousama AFIFI.
First Album, Instrumental, was released in 2008.
Originality is EG Music's main feature. Goal is to produce high quality music presenting a possible connection between music of the east & west.


Ousama AFIFI, EG Music composer & lyricist, from Alexandria, Egypt. Started composing at the age of 20 and continued. Expressive music is his aim & style.

Studied classical music at Alexandria Conservatoire as well as eastern music theory (maqamat). His father M. AFIFI was a composer & professor of oriental music in Alexandria music institute.

His music sounds original though Influenced by world classical, eastern classical & pop music. He believes no true music can contain no melody, however, melody should not be the name of the game, there are so many ways of expression enough to make the tunes live, catching, unexpected & also memorizable. He finds theatrical / movie music & public events / festivals good fields to fulfill expressional goals.

He performed many live shows as a conductor & choral leader presenting his own music & sometimes classical oriental works. His music is currently published in many web sites. He is also managing a few critic-type sites.


1st Album (Instrumental)
The Way To Egypt (8 songs)
* The Way To Egypt
* Valley of the Kings
* Sphinx Tale
* Sphinx Tale 2
* Up The Great Pyramid
* Festival On The Nile
* Streets of Alexandria
* Beauty Queen

2nd Album (Instrumental)
EG Music New Melodies (coming soon)
* Flying Home
* Tears of Delight
* Tender Night
* Victims
* Sphinx Dance

Music Videos (Youtube)
* Tender Night
* Streets of Alexandria
* Flying Home
* Victims