Eguie Castrillo & His Orchestra / Mar Del Norte / Brown Sound Band

Eguie Castrillo & His Orchestra / Mar Del Norte / Brown Sound Band

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

MAMBO IS BACK! Puerto Rican percussionist Eguie Castrillo & His Orchestra, reclaim the PALLADIUM TRADITION with this intense 18 piece Orchestra, full of energy and the excitement of Mambo and Cha-Cha-Cha while also paying homage to the original Mambo Kings: Tito Puente, Tito Rodriguez and Machito.!


Eguie Castrillo & His Orchestra

Eguie Castrillo is a Grammy Award winner (Arturo Sandoval’s Latin Jazz 1998 record of the year) and an engaging showman who performs year-round along with his mambo/latin jazz/salsa bands in concerts, festivals, corporate parties, and clubs all around the United States.

Some of Eguie’s key highlights include:

• He has performed and recorded with prominent world music figures such as:

- Tito Puente
- Boston Pops
- Jennifer Lopez
- Donna Summer
- Steve Winwood
- California Transit Authority (CTA)
- Blood Sweat & Tears
- Tom Jones
- Arturo Sandoval
- KC and the Sunshine Band
- Celia Cruz
- United Nations Orchestra
- Michael Brecker

• Has sizzled many stages around the world with his infectious rhythm and electrifying performances in Europe, Asia, USA , South America, Latin America, and the Caribbean/Puerto Rico.

• Eguie is a renowned percussion professor at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA since 1999.

• He is endorsed by some of the most important musical instruments companies: Zildjian, Remo, Vic Firth and Toca Percussion.

• Eguie’s latest CD, Palladium Tradition, has been described by music critics as a “must-have” in anyone’s Big Band music collection. In Italy, Palladium Tradition was named record of the month.

• Eguie’s world-class musical experience is reflected in his 18-piece Big Band, which takes you back in time to the mambo music played in New York’s dance ballrooms in the 50’s and 60’s. Currently, Eguie is organizing a new Tour called Mambo Mania which was featured (and sold out) at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City, along with some of the greatest artists in Latin Music, as part of Carnegie Hall’s Family Concert Series. In Mambo Mania, a Las Vegas-style show, Eguie will perform his repertoire as well as present the history of Mambo music with visuals and professional dancers that electrify the stage with their Mambo moves.

• With his two other bands, Mar Del Norte (salsa) and Brown Sounds Band (Latin Jazz), Eguie covers all the corners of his musical experience.

• Eguie also conducts music clinics and workshop tours around the world.!/eguie.castrillo


Selected Discography

* Eguie Castrillo & His Orchestra - Palladium Tradition / Coyeyo Records (USA)
(This CD can be purchased at and ITunes )

* Hot House: Arturo Sandoval / N2K Records (USA)
(Grammy Award Winner)

* The Latin Train: Arturo Sandoval / GRP Records (USA)

* Perspectiva: Gilberto Santa Rosa / Sony Records (USA)

* The Pérez Family Sound Track / MGM (USA)

* Random Hearts Sound Track (USA)

* Get Down Live!: KC & The Sunshine Band / Intersound International (USA)

* A GRP Celebration of the Songs of the Beatles: GRP / GRP Records (USA)

* Señora Tentación: Lucía Méndez, Sony Latin (USA)

* Home Again with Bob Vila: TV Program (USA)

* Tupay: Forever Music (Bolivia)

* Balada de Otro Tiempo: Roy Brown (LY Records, Puerto Rico)

* The Latin Album: Boston Pop

Set List

The Orchestra can perform a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 3 hour show. Any show above 1 1/2 hours will have 15 to 20 minute breaks in between each set.

Current Repertoire is as follows:

Mambo / Latin Jazz (Instrumental)

1. Caribe (Ray Santos) - Mambo

2. Nutville (Horace Silver) - Mambo

3. I Call Your Name (Lennon/McCartney) - Cha Cha Cha

4. Yeah (Horace Silver) - Mambo

5. Con Calma (Humberto Ramirez) - Mambo

6. Para los Rumberos (Tito Puente) - Mambo

7. El Rey del Timbal (Tito Puente) - Descarga

8. Ah - Vah (Tito Puente)

9. Mambo Inn (Mario Bauza) - Mambo

10. Scoot'n (Bob Dogan) - Mambo

11. Machito Forever (Tito Puente) - Mambo

12. Ran-Kan-Kan (Tito Puente) - Mambo

Mambos: (Dance)

13. Palo Ya Ya (Francisco Dominguez) - Mambo

14. Complicacion (Francisco Aquabella) - Mambo

15. Yambú (DR) - Mambo

16. El Que Se Fué (Tito Rodriguez) - Mambo

17. Chango Ta' Vení (Machito) - Mambo

18. Juventud Del Presente (Tito Puente) - Mambo