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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band EDM Pop




"From The Hamptons To Ibiza"

From The Hamptons To Ibiza | Collection of Artists
a liquid cindy review
When I first played the album some of the songs really brought me to a dream world like second track, "Do You Feel." This feat is by Eha, who has a really exquisite voice and the lyrics are to die for, like "I am taking you with me, to the deepest of my dreams," and, "When you're dancing in the dark, to the rhythm of our hearts." This is a great song to sing to the love of your life.
The fourth track is also a feat by Eha. "Seduced," is a song that is exactly like it would sound by the title. It's really soft and I think a very good song off the album too. Fifth track is by Mia and a little faster. The electronic beats are very enticing and the lyrics are in French and this is a very sexy song. "The Things You Do," done by Renee Stackey, is the eighth track and "Missing," number nine, again by Eha, are some very sexy songs.
- Blunt Review - by Emily Blunt

"From Supermodel to a Star"

Eha, the Gorgeous, Tall Blond with the Sultry Voice and Sensual Dance Moves
By Mark P. Greenstein

Former supermodel and actress, Eha is now making her presence known in the music industry. Whether it is performing this past May at the Somerville, Massachusetts Concert, just recently for American marines in New York or for a cancer benefit, her music is quickly moving up the charts. This month, she had the number one song with her techno dance/pop song, "Gotta Go" on Electric Eye Radio’s countdown in the New
York and New England areas. To give you an idea of what an accomplishment that is, at the same time, Green Day was number 6 and U2 number 22 on Electric Eye Radio.
- Talent In Motion magazine, Summer 2005

"Nightclub supporting American Cancer Society"

April 30th in Mansion, South Beach. Singer Eha from Estonia giving her best with hot dancers on stage. Support a good cause, while having a great time.
- Miami

"Pretty Chilling Sounds"

By Anne Tschida,
The smooth chill-out electronica fits the blue-eyed, pale-skinned beauty from the Baltics. "I like making songs that are sensual," she admits. " When you sing, you should sing what's in you. and for me, it's that sensual feel. When I write the songs myself, I can make them be like me." Grammy-winner Jimmy Douglass, along with two other Miami-based producers, helped hone her sound in a local studio, and she also shot a video. - Miami VIP magazine, 11/04

"Toronto Independent Music Awards,"

Singer Eha, won the award for Best International. She flew in from Estonia to attend the TIMA’s and was also a presenter. She performed some tantalizing dance moves along with captivating vocals on two of her originals - “Touch Me” and “Show Me How” from her CD ‘Together’ - impressing the audience with her stage presence and friendly personality. - Joe Curtis Reviews


January 2010 Eha's "This Time", Mike Rizzo mix, is released on Promo Only "Mainstream Club" compilation in US.
October 09 Eha's new remix of "Touch Me", by Belgian DJ Magik, is released on Italy's "In Da Klubb2" compilation.
August 08 Eha's new song PEOPLE, is released on the big Top Radio Dance Party 2008 compilation in Italy, next to Moby and others.
Feb 08 Eha's single Gotta Go exclusive release on Beatport by Sweet Rains Records.
September 07 Eha's Show Me How, Sugardip mix, is released on Summer In Ibiza compilation, next to Bob Sinclair and Masters At Work, by Radio 105.
August 07 SweetRains Records releases Show Me How single digitally worldwide.
July 07 SweetRains Records releases EHA album digitally worldwide.
March 07 Eha's single He Is, is released at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, by TVI Records.
In February 06 Eha's song, Do You Feel, is released on the Australian compilation, Sounds Like Cafe, distributed in the cafes across Australia.
Eha's songs Missing and Do You Feel are released on Atlantic City casino Borgata compilation, 24/7 Sounds of Borgata.
December 05 Eha's album, Together, and single Gotta Go, are released in South Korea.
November 2005 Eha's album "EHA" is released in Estonia.
November 2005 Eha's song, " Show Me How" is released on a "New Rock Nation" compilation in the US.
July 2005 Eha's song, "Missing", is released on a "Nouveau Beat vol.4-Montecarlo Nights" compilation in Italy and Monaco.
April 2005 Éha's single, "Gotta Go", is chosen for the "Estonian Hits 2005" compilation.
February 2005, "Gotta Go", is released as a single with 5 remixes in Estonia.
December 2004 Éha released her debut album "Together".
October 2004 a song from Éha’s album, "I’m On My Way", was on Italy’s Radio 105 compilation "Top Radio 6".
July 2004 Éha’s single, "Touch Me", was on "Rhythm Radio" compilation, next to Janet Jackson and Seal.
February 2003, Eha's song, "Missing", was chosen for Promo Only's "Rhythm Radio" compilation, next to Jennifer Lopez and Justin Timberlake.
2002 Koch Records released "From The Hamptons To Ibiza", featuring three Éha written and recorded songs.



Eha was born in Estonia, the northwestern republic of the former Soviet Union. Singing from childhood, at the age of six, the young Eha was selected into a musical high school. As a teenager she sang and wrote songs for a political ensemble.

In 2002 Koch Records released From The Hamptons To Ibiza, a compilation album featuring three Eha written and recorded songs.

2004 Eha released her single Touch Me, which was chosen for Promo Only Rhythm Radio compilation, next to Janet Jackson and Seal.
She traveled between the United States and Europe recording her debut album Together, working with Grammy® winners Jimmy Douglass and Ernie Lake, "house music" pioneer Vince Lawrence, Italy's Armando Curcio, and Estonia’s Def Räädu. An exciting combination of self written, chill and dance driven repertoire, Ms. Urbsalu's album is a blend of American and Eastern European musical cultures.

In August 2004 Eha sang on a Karin Models Next Generation Awards in Equador, which was televised by Fashion TV and Univision to 30 Million viewers throughout the world.
In October 2004 another song from Éha’s album, I’m On My Way, was chosen by Italy’s biggest, Radio 105 network, for a compilation Top Radio 6.

At the start of 2005 Eha performed as a finalist in Estonia for the Eurovision song contest.
Soon after the song, Gotta Go, reached #1 for 3 weeks in radio in Estonia. By May Eha reached #1 in top 40 of her first American radio chart.

In April 2005 Eha performed in Mansion night club in Miami Beach for the American Cancer Society benefit, and in May for the same benefit in a rock concert in Somerville, MA.
Also in May Eha performed for the USO Marines on a concert in New York.
In July Eha was on the same bill with Steven Tyler, DMC and other amazing talent on a concert in Key Largo, FL, benefiting the Celebration of the Sea Foundation.
In October 05 Eha won The Best International Artist gategory of the Toronto Independent Music Awards.

In January 06 at the Sundance Film Festival, Eha auctioned the first snow board from her limited edition snow board line, and raised $50,000 for the benefit of the Salt Lake City Film Center.
In February, at the Southern California Music Awards, Eha auctioned a second snow board for the benefit of The Right To Rock, a non-profit school music program.

In spring 2006 Eha was acting in 3 movies. As a supporting lead in a Russian major, Spy Games 3, where also the Touch Me song is a theme song. Then Eha portrays an innocent-sexy patient in The Doctor Is In. She also plays the lead in the feature in development, Anna.
A new song, I Close My Eyes, was written as a theme song for Anna..

In April 2006 Eha raised to #48 in Korean Hot 100 with Gotta Go.
In March 07 Eha releases He Is single with TVI Records.
April 07 Eha's Show Me How is #22 on the Dixie Dance Kings chart, and #38 on Illlinois Dance Chart.
In July 07 Eha performs with 11 piece Latin Jazz band in Istanbul Jazz Festival.
July 07 Sweet Rains Records releases Eha's EHA album digitally worldwide.
In August 07 Eha's remixed Show Me How single is released by Sweet Rains Records.
In September the Show Me How is selected onto Summer In Ibiza compilation in Italy, next to Bob Sinclair and Masters at Work.
On Feb 08 Eha's Gotta Go single has an exclusive release on a top DJ website, Beatport.
Aug 08 Eha's new song PEOPLE, is released on the big Top Radio Dance Party 2008 compilation in Italy, next to Moby and others.