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Chicago, Illinois, United States

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Band Pop Gospel


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Can't Get It Back: currently getting radio play!!
View video and sample music @ reverbnation.com/hadesa



Becoming a Woman of beauty, strength, integrity, full of love and hope can only be done with God by my side. Destined since birth, chosen by God to evoke a word of praise through music. I learned very earlier in life that music soothes the soul, and is used by many as the bridge between reality and spirituality. We all have the ability with the use of our mouth to either heal or destroy. I, like the queen Esther in the Bible, have chosen to use my powers to heal.
Born Esther Henigan on August 30, 1976 in Chicago to Gaython Henigan and Robert Calhoun. Most of my growing years were spent on the westside and northside of Chicago. I attended various schools around the Chicago land area and acquired my 8th grade diploma from Anton Dvorak Elementary in 1991. In 1995 I graduated from Curie Metropolitan High School with my diploma. While attending Curie I was enrolled in the Chorus Performance Program. I was accepted into the Advance Girl Choir by my junior year of attendance and performed at numerous school events. I also participated in all-city choir and was able to perform at esteemed places such as: Chicago Symphony Hall, and the Regency Hotel in downtown Chicago. Even now looking back, I didn’t understand that God was preparing a table for me. Delivering his word through music was to be my life. I also excelled in sports while attending high school and made that my priority. I played tennis, basketball, softball and received numerous awards of excellence throughout my athletic career, including two athletic scholarships.
In preparing for the next step in my life “college” I continued to make graduating and sports my main goal. I knew of God and his goodness but was reluctant to obey his wishes and sing. Meanwhile, I received my Bachelor’s degree in Business from Robert Morris College in 1999, with a minor in Sport Management. I continued to believe and force the issue that sports were my life’s ambition. God always has a plan. I began working for a major fitness chain in 1999 and quickly excelled. I was awarded one of the top positions as Athletic Manager for Union Station Multiplex. Believing I was in heaven with my dream job, it all quickly came crashing down. I became unhappy with my work and began to get very sloppy. I resigned in 2001. Thinking I needed a drastic change, I began my career as a Correctional Officer for Statesville Correctional facility. Learning the job at rapid pace was great for me and its where I began to sing aloud in the halls freely; great acoustics.
The hardest fight you will ever endure in life is the fight with yourself. While working in the jail I would often be caught singing by someone, Ms. Hester, a Christian woman full of faith walked right into my life unrenowned to me. She would often tell me that I needed to use my voice for the Lord, and I would jokingly say: no not me, it’s too hard or I’m not good enough. I have since learned what God wants he gets. I made the commitment to God to sing his word of praise in September of 2001. Because I needed to go back to the beginning of life to start anew, I have chosen the name Hadesa (Hadassah) for my career. Biblically, Hadesa is the Hebrew word for “myrtle” meaning shrub. Before fulfilling her purpose in life, she was re-named Esther: which is Persian for star. I knew that I must begin at the starting line as a shrub in order to finish this race a star.
I, along with Scharnell Williams formed the group True Destiny. A duo working together to sing, write and produce God’s music. Each having a very distinct sound, when brought together we produce angelic like music. True Destiny has songs like: Holy, Calm as the Still Water, Hear my Cry, and many others that will make your soul stand up and take notice. But, I have learned that what God has for me, it is for me, and so my solo journey had to began.

I am currently working on my first CD. I have had the opportunity to work with other various Chicago artists such as: Asad, Tr