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Baby K can be your dj for the evening, or a Rapper. Every show and crowd needs a different diagnosis, Some shows need a DJ on the bill, while others need a Rapper to showcase rhymes on the mic, Baby K incorporates his rhymes, Dj skills, talent and ability to make your show one to remember!


Music, shapes the emotions of those who partake in it. Baby-k is Hip Hop music. At the age of 13 you could find him in some night club spinning the hottest music at the time, or someone's home Djing a party. Rhyming on the microphone was the real highlight of his show, Some would travel three states away to hear how he would remix the latest Hip Hop records. His friends always would say "You got talent". He didn't decide to get serious about making music until many others urged him to write songs. ("I never wanted to make music. "I was alright with just being a DJ. When other people began to like my music. I decided to give it a try, and it worked for me. I didn't choose the game the game chose me") Now with his first album ready to drop and a fan base in Hip-Hop. Baby-k is on his way to becoming the HOODFAVORITE! Make sure you get your copy of his debut album "HOODFAVORITE" AND "HOODFAVORITE 2"



Written By: BABY K


Baby Momma Material

Written By: Lyric Freak . com

She baby momma material
She baby momma material
She baby momma material
She baby momma material

I seen one day
In the afternoon
About 3:30 in the
Month of june

She had her nails done
And her hair done too
She was all by herself
She didn't need no group

I mean real nice girl
Got nothing to prove
But walk around like she
Something to lose

Shish if I hit she
Won't give me the digits
Cause she don't wanna
Get to personal

New york swagger
But she live in philly
Go to school in rhode island
Her daddy work for the city

She look like minnie
A look like mickey
Damn it's crazy
How this girl look wit me

All that and don't
Know her name
Shorty what it is
She said jane

Do you like balling
Come get up on this game
And eversince then
She been on my brain


She baby momma material
She baby momma material
She baby momma material
She baby momma material


No need to look no further
Wit me you have no drama
I'll been your baby father
You be my baby momma

(2nd verse)

Damn now back to the story
I looked at her ass
And shorty
Caught me

No need for disrespect
But my thoughts is naughty
And by nature my
Eyes adore thee

Attitude of a young beauty
Strong female
Who knew
Her duty

Wanna come over
We can watch a movie
And better yet
We can make a few movies

She came and I came
And she left then I left
Had to keep it g rated
Shorty was a vet.eran

And bet. ter than
All of those
In the air wit they

Never seen her
Once more
That's the way love



(Just Added) A Dj Set To My Show So you get a new experience at all my shows
Debut Album "HOODFAVORITE" Available Now,
Forth Coming Singles "Let A Nig Breathe", And Hulk Dance"
International Hit "Dame Culo" has been
showcased on 100 DJ's Mixed cd's. "HOODFAVORITE 2" ANTICIPATED RELEASE SEPTEMBER 21ST 2010
Sept 07, What's My Name(Say My Name) Available digitally
Dec. 07 Baby Momma Material Available Digitally

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New Show With A lot More Exciting music A Rap Showcase With A Dj Set. (Creative)