Denton, Texas, USA
BandHip HopR&B

EiBE has the flow of a Jay-Z, with the lyrical techniques of an Eminem, all wrapped in guise of a homegrown southern Emcee. "Hence E = Mcee"


MC Emmanuel Emeka Ibe II, known by his stage name E.I.B.E, was born on June 9, 1988 in Texas. He is the oldest of 3 other brothers, Peter and Alexander. Both have shown signs the musical gene has past on but it’s too early to tell.

EIBE has been MC’in since he was 18, having gone through some unfortunate events, he found his muse. His nickname comes from the abbreviated version of his first and last name (E. IBE). But the two together is an acronym for something that hopefully you can get him to talk about!

EIBE began recording in 2008 when he recorded his first song “The Manifesto”. The song never made it to radio but it didn’t stop him and his group-mate, J. Envy, from doing shows at venues like Muddy Waters.

In June 2010, The Cool Academy (E.I.B.E & J. Envy) completed their first Ep: Speechless. Through the use of social mediums Facebook & Twitter they spread the word of the release. Their first single, “My Country”, went on sale through music stores iTunes and Amazon on July 4, 2010.


Speechless EP -The Cool Academy (EiBE & J.Envy)
#JustATease - EiBE
Just Words - (TBA)

Set List

Just 4 Kicks
Poisonous Poetry
90's Love Affair
Take 2
A Milliom
Lovin Around
So Good
My Country
da Da DA