Eidolon Noise

Eidolon Noise

 San Rafael, California, USA

Take a trip with us through the cosmos! The vessel, constructed of beautiful melodic riffs, groove intensifying harmonies, and rapid fire solos, mixed with a dash of chaos and phantasmal apparitions. We are here to melt and expand minds, rocketing all who listen into a booty shaking wold of wonder!


We are a four piece group from the bay area of California. After being formed in 2007 we have been working diligently to construct well crafted songs in which all members are involved in the writing process. Putting the highest level of musicianship and dedication is the priority to our music, as the majority of the members have graduated with music degrees. Our music is eclectic, ranging from rock to jazz to metal, where improvisation is an integral part to our style and instrument switching is common place. Influences include: Primus, Buckethead, the Grateful Dead, the Allman Brothers Band, and the list goes on. We play concerts in the area about once a month and are working to diligently to expand our fan base. In a few months we will be releasing our first self titled album consisting of all self written tracks, sure to please all who listen.


Our first album will be coming out shortly, titled: Eidolon Noise.