Eight Days After

Eight Days After

 Chatsworth, Georgia, USA

Eight Days After was formed in August 2006 with a vision to reach the audience with songs that are spiritual and positive. Our style of music sounds like Country and Southern Rock. We have performed in front of crowds of 5 to 10,000 in attendance. From small congregations to arenas, we have been blessed with opportunities to perform our music and minister.


Mission Statement:
We are a ministry of Christians who are willing vessels for God, choosing to use our gifts and talents to glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We present the gospel in music and by teaching God’s word wherever He opens a door. We believe in the Word of God, accepting only through the blood of Christ you can be saved. We believe that following in the footsteps that Jesus left we can have a closer walk with God, our Heavenly Father.


Old Man Joe

Written By: Tim Chastain

I met a man a few years ago.
He said, "Hello my name is Joe.
Can I sit here and rest my load?"
He looked to be sixty three.
He had humble eyes that were full of peace.
We sat for a while as he talked to me.
He said I lost my wife in ninty five.
I blamed God for taking her life.
She was the love of my life.
It took ten years of being alone,
till I realized it wasn't God's fault.
Its just the way that life is gonna be.
So here I am on my own.
Though I am not alone.
I've got a friend who is close to me.
Closer than anyone can be.
He's my friend even when I'm not me.
My friends name is Jesus.
I'm a friend of Jesus.

I'll never forget the day I met,
old man Joe and the things he told while
sitting on a bench, talking bout his friend.
Was he God sent? I think so.
Cause I was as low as I could go.
I needed someone to share my load.
Most my life was spent on the run.
I was living at the end of a gun.
I had no place to call home.
Running on empty. Losing my sanity.
Up and down I stayed strung out,
til the day I met this friend of old man Joe.
I met a man the other day.
Sitting on a bench with tears on his face.
I asked, "Could I sit here and rest my load."

No Connection

Written By: Tim Chastain

No Connection

Middle of the night
and I'm on my own.
Cold outside and I'm all alone.
I head down town
and theirs nothing to see.
Things ain't what they used to be.

No connection.
To the life I used to live.
No connection.
To the man I used to be.
No connection.
I am not the same.
Lord I owe it all you .

Walking by a local club,
I didn't want to enter in.
Couple of friends came staggering out,
said, "Man!, where've you been?"
You won't believe the change in my life.
The only thing I know is that I
owe it all to Christ.

The things I used to do no longer I desire.
Since God filled me with His consuming fire.
I want to lift my voice and give you praise.
For saving my soul that was destined for Hell .....

Honky Tonk Preacher Man

Written By: Tim Chastain

Honky Tonk Preacher Man

Born in the valley.
Over by a mountain.
Applachia is my home.
Up where the hills are copper.
Down where the river rages.
Out on highway sixty four... country.

Raised up in a Christian home.
Momma taught me right from wrong,
teaching me the golden rule.
I learned to sing and play guitar.
I had plans to be a star.
Gonna take it to Nashville.
But I'm a honky tonkin' bible teaching,
devil chasing, guitar singer
Son of a preacher man.
I don't drink and I don't smoke.
I've been sealed by the Holy Ghost.
I'm washed in the blood of the lamb.
I'm a Honky tonk preacher man.

Playing towns in every state.
Going across the USA.
I'm just a man on a mission.
Doing things the way I was raised.
Singing songs bout a man who saves.
I do it all in Jesus name.

The Tomb

Written By: Tim Chastain

The Tomb
The sun refused to shine
as the clouds filled the sky.
Time to take the body from the cross.
They carried Him away to borrowed tomb.
They laid Him in the rich man's grave.
The stone was rolled to seal His fate.
Tears streamed down their face.

Day turned to night.
Night turned to day.
They were afraid for there lives.
All hope was lost at the sight of the cross.
Faith was sealed in a tomb.
Till the break of dawn, Easter morn,
love came shining through.

Staring at the tomb
she look's inside.
Tears fell from her eyes.
She takes off running back to the place,
where Peter and John were hiding.
And they heard her say,
"He's not there! That ol' stone has been rolled away!"

He's alive....... My Lord HE is alive.
Halalujah...... My Lord HE is alive.
HE's Alive....Jesus is alive

There's an empty tomb in Jerusalem.
Where my savior was laid. After three days He opened His eyes.
That ol' grave couldn't hold Him inside.


We have recorded 2 albums. The first album, Overture, was recorded at DigiSound Recording Productions in Chattanooga, TN. It is an EP Demo album with additional live material. Three songs were written by Tim Chastain. He is a registered songwriter with BMI. Publisher is His Choice Music.

1. Brand New Man
2. Glory To His Name
3. Grandpa And Me
4. Southern Fried Christian Man
Bonus Live Recording
5. I Saw The Light/He Set Me Free/Glory To His Name (Medley)
6. Brand New Man
7. Three Men On A Mountain

The second album, Tim Chastain & Eight Days After, was recorded at Lifesound Studios in Cleveland, TN. It is a full LP with 11 songs. Eight songs were written by Tim Chastain. He is a registered songwriter with BMI. Publisher is Sing Lee Songs.

1. The Unclouded Day
2. No Connection
3. There Is A Love
4. Rest Of My Life
5. Honky Tonk Preacher Man
6. Old Man Joe
7. The Tomb
8. Wonders Of Nature
9. Wayfaring Stranger
10. Forever Man
11. Bus Driver "Hammer Down"

Some of the songs on both of these albums can be heard on Myspace or Reverbnation.

Set List

Shows are approx 45 minutes.

Original Material:

Brand New Man
Grandpa And Me
Southern Fried Christian Man
No Connection
There Is A Love
Honky Tonk Preacher Man
Old Man Joe
The Tomb
Wonders Of Nature
Forever Man
Bus Driver "Hammer Down"

Cover Songs and Hymns:

Glory To His Name
Wayfaring Stranger
Rest Of My Life
Simple Man
Through The Fire
The Unclouded Day
Three Men On A Mountain
Still Holding On
I'll Fly Away
I Saw The Light/He Set Me Free/Glory To His Name (Medley)