Eighteen Eighteen

Eighteen Eighteen

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Thug On The Run

Written By: Nesan Pather

We have a 138 in progress...

The rules of the game, have proved to remain, ain't nobody can stop us now...Eighteen Eighteen...Thug On The Run...

What you know about pain what you know about life/aint nobody can tell me sh*t I live twice a double life/I'm on the otherside-I see my mothers eyes/ crying on her knees begging please why won't her son shine/see all I got is this rum and I'm a drink it till I'm dead and buried/Tell my G Dee I remember every second/and I cherish every moment that we had in the past/wish we could have it back but we can't/see after all these years sh*t's come down to this/I can't believe the situations that I'm faced with/It's like my whole damn life had a facelift/see the vapours see the capers