Eight Foot Square

Eight Foot Square


Late developers finally find confidence and discover they're actually quite good! Self effacing and with lots of banter, 8ft2 have gone down well with audiences across North Wales, Chester and the Wirral. Two guitars, bass & drums, tender/angry vocals, always fuelled with passion and emotion.


Eight Foot Square is the result of 3x 34 year olds joining the dad of the band (aged 42) to use music as their outlet - part angry, part celebratory, they've each got twenty years' worth of pent up heartbreak and anger to release, yet they've all found personal happiness through their familes and relationships. Love songs, break up songs, songs with a lesson about living in the moment...all melded with musical and lyrical cues from their heros Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Weezer, and (dad-alert) Dire Straits. Formed in 2010, first gigged in April 2011, averaged a gig per month since, going from strength to strength. First couple of recorded tracks have found favour on soundcloud and on local radio.


No publishing arrangements yet aside from facebook, youtube and soundcloud.

Set List

Generally play a set of 8-10 tracks, 35-60 minutes, to include 1-3 covers