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Eight Planets Past Pluto

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band EDM New Age


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"EP3 “Vimana” : AURA Music & Arts Preview"

This week’s Song of the Day articles will be featuring artists from Aura Music and Arts Festival, going down March 9-11 in St. Cloud, FL.

Artist: EP3
Song: “Vimana”
Album: How To Build A Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later
If you were to close your eyes and imagine flying through space, this song would be the sound track. Distant synthesizers are flaming meteors flying past your ship and as the music builds so does your speed. You stall as you activate the turbo jet engines and then do a space burn out through a worm hole, where vibrating electronic tones set the mood. Ambience alternates with electric melodies and organic drum beats.
EP3, short for Eight Planets Past Pluto, is an Atlanta based progressive electronic band who have been making their rounds on the eastern circuit for a few years now. These seasoned musicians continue to build more of a niche in the scene as their sound progresses and their new full length album “How To Build A Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later” is not to be missed. Listeners can currently stream the entire thing for free on their website. If you’ll be at Aura, check them out on the Brotherly Love Productions stage Sunday night. - OurVinyl.com

"EP3 @ Camp Bisco X interview"

Atlanta natives EP3 rocked the Showcase Stage at Camp Bisco X, making it their biggest festival to date and their first time playing in New York. The foursome took some time after their set to answer a few questions, ranging from how they met to what EP3 means and much more.

Highlights from the set included “Soul Follow Me,” from their latest EP (Eight Planets Past Pluto) and the title track from their 2009 EP Modernation.

For more information on EP3, please visit their website, and look out for them on their upcoming fall tour. - Kerry McNeil

"Soul Follow Me"

Guitarist Dan Cox, drummer Tom Hilton, keyboardist (who also provides synths) Charles F. Moreland III, and bassist Patrick Scalambrino comprise the Atlanta, GA quartet Eight Planets Past Pluto—or EP3. If you’ve heard of EP3, it’s because of their impressive live sets and fresh brand of livetronica that has been raging clubs from coast to coast. If not, the buzz around the group is well warranted. Mixing bluesy, soulful guitars with spacey synths and irresistible beats, EP3 is a fantastic blend of jam band, electronica, and traditional instrumentation that forms the foundation of their intriguing and improvisational sound.

Garnering almost 400 Facebook likes of their Eight Planets Past Pluto EP review and release on The Untz in March, the foursome is clearly onto something big and are only getting bigger with their spot at Camp Bisco X. Tracks like “Soul Follow Me,” showcase the talent that the group exudes, with a piano-driven melody, airy vocal samples, and jazzy guitars that promise to be even more enticing in a live setting. The cosmic, intergalactic vibe that EP3 displays should reap a whole new fan base at Bisco on Saturday, July 9th. - Kerry McNeil

"EP3 Podcast"

For the past few years, EP3 has been locking down late-night festival slots across the country with their spaced out livetronica sound. Fusing their collective backgrounds in jam, jazz, and rock with a passion for electronic music, EP3 has evolved quickly into a major festival mainstay.

Today marks the release of their third EP, Eight Planets Past Pluto. Produced by C3 of Underlying Themes and Charlie P. of Abstract Logic Recordings, the EP is available for free at TheUntz.com. The EP demonstrates the progression of the band in the short period of time since the release of EP3D, and illustrates the influence of Charles Moreland III on the band's sound. - Anand Harsh

"Brand New EP3 Single and Album Review"

By: Kerry McNeil

Atlanta, GA foursome EP3 are poised to release another ‘Space-tronica’ inspired EP.

Eight Planets Past Pluto will be out on March 21st via TheUntz.com. Filled with more of their synth-meets-organic variety of livetronica, the new tracks will undoubtedly inspire greater exploration at the quartet’s already revered live sets. The four-song EP is a jam-worthy release that will leave fans wanting more, and will excite crowds experiencing EP3’s brand of ‘improvisational flair,’ as their Myspace bio calls it.

“Soul Follow Me,” begins with a piano-driven melody that explodes into a blend of light, airy vocal samples, synthy laser sounds, and jazzy guitars that build up against fierce percussion. The guitars, percussion, and synths arc into a faster tempo toward the climax to create an intensely soulful jam.Dan Cox’s guitar melodies on “Parallels,” add mood and tone to the song—supported by a truly contagious synth melody, which carries throughout the track, and a few short vocal samples. All of the elements fuse for a fast-paced breakdown, demonstrating EP3’s talent to match digital productions with bluesy guitars and Tom Hilton’s effervescent drumming.

The cosmic influence of the band’s moniker is apparent in “Time Chasers,” a track that mixes spacey synths and technical guitar work to create a strangely appealing melody. The melody flows into a frenetic guitar solo from Cox, which fades back into the cosmic sound from the intro and amps up the multifaceted jam.

The “Seasons” remix is a contest-winning submission from Saturator. The remix yields a more laid-back vibe than the original cut, found on EP3’s previous release, adding more digital effects along with a steady, bouncing beat to close out the diverse release.

EP3’s ability to combine the mood and feeling of organic instruments with the cool vibe of the digital world make them a standout in the electronic music community. Their improvisational live shows promise a balance of synth and guitar, an atmospheric sound, and a cosmic musical experience for fans of their signature livetronica grooves.
- Kerry McNeil


Well, they sure hope so! This unique and hardworking Atlanta livetronica troupe need your help to make their way onto the roster of this year’s Summer Camp held in Chillicothe, IL. Best of all, it’s so easy to help them attain their goal of getting there and kicking off their festival rounds in style!

Anyone who hasn’t had the chance to give these guys a listen most certainly should. Immediately. Hypnotizing beats coupled with spacey guitar riffs insure that even the most wayward electronica listener will find it hard not to become entranced by these guys. EP3 delivers a fully improvisational live music experience that leaves those who witness it more than please that they did.

All that being said, let’s help these guys show those guys at Summer Camp that they have the chops to bring down the house. How can you help? Simple! Just jump over to their Facebook invite page and RSVP ‘I’m Attending’. That’s it! This’ll show the folks in charge over at Summer Camp that the general public digs them and will help them get one step closer to Chillicothe. If anything, just do it to help out your fellow man. That’s what Jesus would do.

Good luck, EP3 and we hope you get there! - Tracey Anderson

"Local Music Now: Atlanta-based electronica act, EP3, stops in Savannah"

EP3 continuously brings their high-energy electronica jams through Savannah, claiming that they "have a really big family here, or crew of people, that take care of (them)," stated Chuck Moreland, keyboard and laptop.

And, Savannah just can't seem to get enough of their live shows.

The four piece gig met in Ohio over a year ago where their music began to take off. However, it wasn't long before they decided to take advantage of a new market and make a move down south to Atlanta.

After the move and the release of two albums, which they gave away for free, the band is currently working on their third. It is due out this Spring.

When asked if they will make a stop in Savannah on their Spring tour, Dan Cox, guitar player, was quick to say "I'm sure we will. This is one of our favorite cities."

Claiming LiveWire Music Hall as their "home" while here, Cox also promises that the guys will be back to play again, soon.

Click play in the video box to watch an interview with the guys after they played a show in Savannah the night before.

To find out more about EP3 and to download music, go to: ep3band.com, underlyingthemes.com, or search for them on facebook.com.

Also, make sure to check the schedule on livewiremusichall.com to see when they will be in town again.

Band members:
Patrick Scalambrino - Bass
Dan Cox - Guitar
Chuck Moreland - Keys, Synths & Laptop
Tom Hilton - Drums
- Amanda Baran


At 10 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 13

Live Wire Music Hall, 307 W. River St.

The name, if you need prodding, is an abbreviation for “Eight Planets Past Pluto.” This is a jam band from Atlanta that makes heavy use of electronic instruments – some folks call it livetronica – and they’re big on “inter–galactic travel” and “cosmic exploration,” with a lot of flashing colored lights and other ephemera. They’ve toured with such heavy hitters are Shpongle, Pretty Lights, Bassnector, Benga, Pnuma Trio and others.

Make ‘em welcome, won’t you? See myspace.com/ep3band - Bill DeYoung

"Q&A: EP3 Bassist Patrick Scalambrino on Covering Rage Against the Machine, Ghosts, and the Art of Crush"

EP3 is a band that takes its name from a position in the cosmos: Eight Planets Past Pluto. To be more specific, the moniker could be Atlanta, Georgia. But based on the futuristic sounds EP3 pumps out, there's an intergalactic audience being targeted that may or may not have heard of Earth, let alone Georgia. The band is a four-piece electro-jam outfit that has earned some buzz in the dizzying world of Disco Biscuits and dubstep. The four have played all across the country since they came together in 2007 and are now wrapping up a fall tour in support of their recently released LP, EP3D. Tonight, the cosmic circus rolls into the Funky Buddha in Boca. On his way down our long state, bassist Patrick Scalambrino was kind enough to chat with us about topics such as Disco Biscuits sit-ins, the supernatural, and crushing face.

County Grind: I saw the video on your MySpace page of Barber of the Disco Biscuits sitting in with you. How did that come about?

Patrick Scalambrino: One of our close friends in Atlanta held an event called Dubocracy. It was a three-day, inside music event. Jon [Barber] said he was down [to sit in with us], and that's how it all started. Actually, that's the first of two jam sessions with Jon Barber. It was sort of crazy not to only be a part of an epic event, but to also close the show out whilst Mr. Barber is onstage shredding with us... it def was an epic night.

What did he have to say about your band?

On that occasion, I really didn't get to talk to him about it. A few months later, we had another opportunity to have Jon sit in with us. The Disco Biscuits were playing the Tabernacle, and Underlying Themes Records, our label, management, and promotional company, got a chance to host the late night. Upon arrival, I was talking with Jon, and he mentioned he'd love to sit in with us again, so I said "sure." His only stipulation was he wanted to cover a Rage Against the Machine song so he could sing. After we had a laugh about it, we returned to the stage to crush everyone's face. After the performance, Jon came up to me and asked what I thought. Jokingly, I said "Well, to be honest, I think you're tone deaf or your guitar was out of tune." He looked at me like "Huh?", then I preceded to say, "Of course it was amazing. You're Jon Barber from the Biscuits. You always crush." With a smile and a pound, I left the VIP to go mingle.

Has EP3 spent a lot of time on the road?
It used to be that EP3 would go anywhere any day to play a show. Right around July, I decided that we should actually take a fall tour just like every real band I know. So I started routing and making what is known as cold calls to basically every venue I saw bands our size playing. EP3's fall tour started with Rootwire Music Festival and continued throughout the Midwest before heading to Colorado. Basically, [long] story short, we are on our second-to-last show of a three-month, 56-date tour that ends with us playing Halloween in Northern Georgia.

How is the touring experience? Are you feeling burnt out at all?
For me, being on tour is all I've ever wanted to do. It's a little strenuous at times, but I've been learning a whole lot of new things and really trying to focus on how to keep this momentum going, whilst being able to take care of those involved. As for the other guys, I can't really speak for them, but we all get along pretty well. And seeing them crush, night in and night out, to me says they're loving it. We are playing in front of new audiences and in places only because of what we do. We're very lucky to have had this experience.

How has the turnout been? Does a bigger crowd usually make for a better show, or have you had some ragers with few to witness?

Turnouts have been really, really good considering we fell short [on] the promoting. As for "Does more people mean better show?" that's not true at all. Our shows are based off of the crowd's energy. On that note, we've def had a couple of bangers. Our first time to Colorado saw us playing to 500-plus at Cervantes in Denver. Also, in September, at the Bad Manor in Athens, 700-plus came to get down and party. Now when you're playing to that size of a crowd, it's really easy to get caught up in the energy that everyone is giving off. Whether or not it's a better all-around show, I'm not certain. I base my playing off of that feeling. Now, on the other hand, one night in the middle of Memphis, at Newby's, only 30 people came to the show, but there was something about that night. We crushed it, and I felt the same feeling and energy as those big show[s].

You released a record recently. How was the experience of trying to capture your band's energy in the studio?

Being able to go into a studio and create music is probably one if the most incredible things a gigging musician can do. Working with DJ:C3 in the Underlying Themes studio made it really easy to capture that live feel and sound that our live shows are full of.

Do you think the jams will turn spooky in Boca on account of it being so close to Halloween?

Normally our jams have been very dark and mysterious. I think we pride ourselves in this darker sound. Although, being so close to Halloween, we might try to get even more dark and really take it out there.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Whether you call it ghosts, angels, or demons, I believe there is some sort of spiritual realm that I can't explain. I've def seen things and experienced supernatural events that I still can't wrap my brain around. I know that in our scene of music, people take psychedelic drugs to induce some of these out-of-body, supernatural hauntings. I'm not talking about those situations. I've def experienced the spiritual realm firsthand. I'm not saying there's a heaven or a hell, and you have to live right to go to heaven, and if you don't, you go to hell. I'm just saying, it would be hard for me to believe that there isn't some sort of afterlife; that your spirit just dies and that's it, it's all over. If that's the case, then what am I trying to achieve now if all we do is die?
- Travis Newbill

"EP3 Press Release"

Jamtronica group EP3 readies for cosmic surge in 2010
Atlanta quartet builds fan base through sonic explorations and National touring

Intergalactic-Space Travelers EP3 have been hard at work over the past few years, touring throughout the South-east and the Midwest and sharing stages with a number of well-known players in the jam/electro/livetronica scene. The band is now poised to continue expanding their hard-working efforts in 2010, with an eye towards cosmic exploration. The group's name is an abbreviation for “eight planets past Pluto,” which bassist Pat Scalambrino says symbolizes a desire to take listeners to new epic realms.

Hailing from the Cultural Hot bed of Atlanta GA, comes Ep3. With the addition of keyboardist Chuck Moreland to the lineup with guitarist Dan Cox, Scalambrino and drummer Tom Hilton has seen the band continue to evolve their epic space-rock sound while earning a growing list of high profile friends and collaborators. EP3 has shared gigs with artists such as moe., Shpongle, Pretty Lights, Parliament Funkadelic, Bassnectar, EOTO, Pnuma Trio, Mickey Hart, Telepath, Big Gigantic, Ana Sia, Glitch Mob, Raq, U-Melt, Bela Fleck, Eliot Lipp and more. The band has also played official afterparties following shows from jamrock stalwarts STS9, Umphrey's McGee and the Disco Biscuits. A landmark moment in EP3's burgeoning career occurred when guitarist Jon “The Barber” Gutwillig from the Disco Biscuits joined the band onstage in Atlanta twice last year for scintillating jams.

“I really enjoyed that, playing with Jon made me feel like I sort of stepped out of myself for a minute,” said bassist Scalambrino of the band's historic collaboration with the Disco Biscuits virtuoso.

EP3 also released their debut album Modernation in 2009, an independent release featuring six songs that tap into the band's intergalactic sound with tight melodic jams, deep grooves and a variety of sonic experimentation. The band has toured through Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and is constantly expanding its road warrior ethic to hit new markets on each tour. EP3 has also joined forces with Underlying Themes, a Lexington, Kentucky-based music promotion and production company making waves in the music scene.

The band is currently focused on playing as many shows as possible and creating new music each at every show, with an improvisational ethic that makes each night on stage a new exploration into the musical cosmos.

Upcoming tour dates:

For more information, visit:

www.underlyingthemes.com - Greg Shwartz

"Taking Time With EP3"

Over the last few years major changes in the way electronic groups have gone about producing their music and getting it out to the masses have happened. With so much digital culture in our faces everyday, it’s not hard to run into music with a cluster of Bass and Noise driving it’s backbeat. The challenge we are often faced with is finding an electronic act that can immerse you and hold your attention with ever evolving peaks and sound-scapes. Well, I got the chance to take a little time to get together and talk with rising Livetronica act EP3 about their newest album, their first national tour, and keeping a fresh sound.
8:13 P.M.
If you’ve never heard of EP3, here’s your rundown:
· They play Jam/Electro/Livetronica music
· The band started Initially two years ago
· After a brief stint of eight months playing as a three piece, EP3 acquired Charles F. Moreland III to play keys and synths.
· Member Breakdown: Dan Cox – Guitar/Charles F. Moreland - Synths, Keyboards, Ableton Live/ Patrick Scalambrino – Bass/ Tom Hilton – Drums.
· EP3 = Eight Planets past Pluto
The band got together in their studio, somewhere miles and miles across the iChat application after finishing up a day of practice for the beginning of their upcoming national tour. This is the most ambitious project they have embarked on together and have taken ample time to re-work older songs and work in a collection of fresh material for the masses. EP3 also mentioned they would be changing up the way they normally work the stage for the new material, but still keep a strong flowing set that will continuously evolve. We can all look forward to an intense live show along side acts like C3, Bitch Please, Eoto, and Big Gigantic in the coming tour months including the Rootwire, Big And Hearty, The Werkout, Wuhnurth, and the Aura Festivals.
This new approach is very exciting, especially since this touring opportunity was a great chance for all of the present members of the group to further immerse themselves in the music and integrate some old school techniques along side the introduction of new technology. While the digital element of their music is very much pivotal to the act, it is not the entire point. The music starts with the original instrument and is manipulated through digital means, but for EP3 this does not mean completely getting rid of the pure emotion the instruments were meant to produce.
Even with so much already on their plate, the release of their new EP is approaching very soon and has been dubbed, “EP3’D” (pronounced EP 3D). They say the product of work on this piece is a clear representation of the band from start to finish since getting the chance to work with the music from the inside out. The group went on to say, “It’s Intergalactic with bass and some major peaks. Like it’s coming from far away”. The release date is August 6th, 2010 (Tomorrow), so keep an eye out on their website as it will be available for download very soon!
As the interview began to wind down, EP3 wanted to stress their thanks to the fans immensely for all of the love, encouragement, and buzz that has been going around. They have no idea where it’s coming from, but love it and are ready to return the favor with raging performances. - Alphonso Whitfield


Album Name: "How To Build A Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later"
Release date: February 29th, 2012
Official Release Date: April 2nd, 2012
Publisher: Abstract Logic Recordings

Eight Planets Past Plu



Atlanta, Georgia based band EP3, aka Eight Planets Past Pluto, is creating progressive futuristic cinematic soundscapes containing a mix of electronic infused textures, synthesizers, keyboards, bass, drums, guitars, vocals, backed by dance beats ranging from drum n bass, breaks, house, rock, and dub. This band is pushing the boundaries of the norm, evolving to the next level of sophisticated avant-garde electronic music. The sound is elegant, melodic, harmonious, and engulfing. Be sure to catch EP3 live in 2012 supporting their new full length studio album entitled "How To Build A Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later"

*Note Bands We've Played With

Ghostland Observatory
Fast Nasty
Ana Sia
Pnuma Trio
Big Gigantic
Alex B
M80 Dubstation
Two Fresh
Charlie P
Pretty Lights
Sub Swara
Elliot LIPP
Joe Nice

# Note Festivals Played

Aura Music Festival II & III
Dexfest (All three years)
Camp Bisco 10
Big & Hearty
Rootwire I, II
Rhythm Festival
Summer Dance
The Werk Out