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Eightrack Mind’s shows are a spontaneous night of conscious lyrics and LIVE hip-hop that take inspiration from old school jazz to indie rock with a bit of everything in between. We take a very musical approach to rock the party with a live band... catchy and powerful tunes!


Bangin’ drums and real instruments is the new movement in hip-hop and it’s alive, live bands with live players. Eightrack Mind is all that. Drums, bass, keys, guitar, saxophone, turntables and emcees smash up all your preconceptions of hip hop. Their diversity has allowed them to share the stage with the Wailers, Wu-Tang, Gift of Gab, Greyboy, Digital Underground, Zion I, Hieroglyphics, Michael Franti, Soulive and many others. Now, with their sophomore release, “Hardly Human,” they’re rapidly gaining praise and forging a unique sound that sets them apart from the influx of commercial hip-hop. “You don’t even need to like hip-hop to love them,” quoted Cactus Records owner, Mike Good.

Eightrack Mind’s shows are a spontaneous night of conscious lyrics and organic hip-hop that take inspiration from old school jazz to indie rock with a bit of everything in between. “We’re definitely a diverse band that can rock the party with our hard-hittin’ beats or laid-back grooves and our message is always positive,” remarked Nat Kendall, one of the two emcees.

The colossal sound of Eightrack Mind formed in 2002 as a collection of six talented musicians and two emcees with the intention of rocking the conventional realm of hip-hop. “Eightrack Mind has nuclear capabilities that fill a niche in the hip-hop world with real instruments, ousting the average DJ and MC act," praised Jacob Goldstein of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. Eightrack Mind’s guitar player, August, stated “...introducing live players into a traditionally electronic and sampled genre takes it to a brand new level."

The live group instantly seized the public’s attention. Exponent writer John Jackson wrote, "It's not often that a band gets together and immediately has a following. However, Eightrack Mind has done just that." He added, "At their first concert they sold out the club, which ultimately had to turn people away due to safety regulations." Since that debut concert and now the release of their second album, ”Hardly Human,” the band has been gaining national acclaim through their live shows and album. "These guys are smooth," raved Mark Collins, founder of the Valley Vibe Entertainment Guide, "On a recent night at the Robin Lounge, you couldn't even edge in the door sideways; it was so jammed with people."

The 2007 release of Hardly Human showcases the depths that the band went to in the last year of production, plus guest emcees, B‘nuggs and Josh Martinez, bring it live on a couple tracks. The band has drum-rolled tours up and down the west coast and will continue rockin’ nation wide in 2008. Don’t miss their live show for a night of dynamic, high powered and conscious hip-hop.

For more information visit the band at eightrackmind.com or myspace.com/eightrackmind.


Our first album, self-titled, was mixed by Headnodic of the Crown City Rockers and released in 2005.

Our second album, Hardly Human, was just released (2007) and features Josh Martinez and B'nuggs.

Both albums were the CD Baby Editor's Pick when released and we are among the top selling artists for Alternative Hip-Hop.

Set List

Our set is all original and draws from both our albums plus unreleased tracks. We typically play 3 hour shows.