Eight Stories High

Eight Stories High

 Orlando, Florida, USA

Eight Stories High is a band based out of central Florida. They have been headlining around the midwest for about 3 years, and recently moved to Florida to expand their fanbase. They combine a mixture of original tunes and a vast array of covers (if desired) to put on a great show for all audiences.


“It won’t take us long, we’re gonna rock this world we’re gonna rock it all night long.” These lyrics, from one of their new original tunes sum up the objective for the group. “They draw a large amount of people and can get the place rockin’!” says Mike Martin, owner of Doc’s Music Hall in Indiana. The group has been together for 5 years and has toured throughout the Midwest. With their fan-base ever expanding, Eight Stories High is always on the lookout for new musical experiences. The group is always looking to infuse different styles within the rock niche that they call “home”. By constantly adding to their repertoire, they strive to provide the best experience for their fans and the venue. “In regards to the future, the sky is the limit for Eight Stories High!” -Expo Magazine


Stories of A Wasted Man: Full CD
Fear The Future: Full CD (Available on Itunes, napster, rhapsody, amazon.com, emusic)

Set List

A Typical Set list is 2 hours in length. We have been known to play as long as 4 hours for a set. Within the set-list, we play mostly original music with two to three covers that range from rap (ride with me - Nelly) to rock (Nice To Know You - Incubus) to oldies (Twist and Shout - The Isley Brothers). We are available to play a set of entirely covers or originals but our main focus is on our original work.

Here is a list of our original content:
* Leave Me Alone
* Energy
* Sail Me Away
* The Right
* Every Now and Then
* Lonely Dreamer
* Circus Man
* Wasted Man – (music video available online)
* Sound
* City
* Authority?
* Certain Little Something
* Lost For Words
* Smile
* Dropping Bombs
* Boogie Boots
* All She’s Got Me Saying
* The Tube
* Old Gold
* We have Arrived
* You've Got Soul
* Koyote'e
* Wake Up Dream
* When The Beat Is Right
* Orlando
* Things Will Get Better
* No Good News