Eighty Bug

Eighty Bug

 Chatsworth, California, USA

Genreless music, timeless in form and intention, sultry, sweet and powerfully dynamic lyrically and vocally, crowd stopping performance and creative pop influences steeped in gospel, rnb, rock, hip hop and soul. Undeniably one of the most creatively cross genre breaking artists around.


Started singing on stage at the ripe age of 5 for more than 2000, and has continued to create and perform for hundreds of thousands around the world as a DJ/singer/ performer. Recently leaving a debilitaiting indie record deal, Eighty is on her own, creating unique and powerful melody lyric and prose... thats whats up...


See Jupiter Rising video "GO" on itunes
and web site www.dj80.com

Set List

I have more than a hundred tracks in all genres, from reggae to hip hop to pop to soul, most with radio play