Explosive engery pop-punk straight out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With 4 years of experience and the drive to do it all you are not to be dissapointed in Eighty-D. Do not underestimate this band.


E ighty-D assualted the Milwaukee music scene in 2002 with a volitile mix of harmonized vocals, catchy hooks, and aggressive beats, and has since remained a fixture throughout the mid-west.

The recipe for Eighty-D is one mixed with dedication and passion. Add one part Ike. Lead singer, and bass player who hails oringally from Houston, TX. Singing thoughtfull lyrics and high-energy musicianship Ike adds a life to the band that can be felt all over the stage.

Next, stir in Bill Lemorande. With fine tuned guitar playing and harmonized supporting vocals Bill reveals the passion within the band.

Last but not least, add Johnny Barnes, Eighty-d's precussion department. With hard hitting beats and a drive to make anything possible on the drums, Johnny provides an energy you would not soon forget.

Playing more and more shows around the U.S., Eighty-D is poised to become a household name. With their 4 song E.P. to their soon to be released full length, they are making the way up in the ranks of local/national music.


The Eighty-Demo (4 song E.P) Dec. '01

Live at The Globe (10 song live album) Jan '03

Black and Red (11 song L.P.) March '05

Set List

We have over 17 songs in our arsenal

We play anywhere from 30-80 min.
Any longer and we would probably die from exaustion.

We DO NOT do covers.

If i knew what repertoire meant i wouldnt be playing music.