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The best kept secret in music


"spill it"

· Local Punk band Eighty Sixed performs at Sudsy Malone's on Saturday with CxDxPx and FRA, plus Lexington's The Loaded Nuns and The Fallen. The Hamilton-based band's full-throttled sound is a throwback to classic, real Punk and not, as bassist Dusty Bryant calls it, "that ever present slosh of leftover sausage gravy in the fridge that local radio is calling Punk Rock." Bryant also compares the band's live show to "a ship full of drunken pirates preparing for mutiny." Ahoy! - city beat

"Eighty Sixed"

For the past four years, Eighty Sixed has been playing blistering Punk while roaringly drunk or a good approximation thereof. In the tradition of mid '70s British Punks who changed the world a pint and a piss at a time, they storm the stage, drink the joint dry and play loud until the cops show up. Convert or suffer the consequences.

Dig It: Black Flag on Black Label, Samhain on Sam Adams, Fear on Foster's (punk and alcohol, get it?). (BB)

- Citybeat

"Third St. Tap and Grill to host punk show"

Three bands will thrash next week at the new Third Street Tap and Grill in Hamilton, in hopes that the event will energize the local live music scene.

The groups are Hamilton's Eighty-Sixed, LBRO from Denver, Colo. and the Skateomasochists from Kansas City, Mo.

"This is real punk music and not that ever-present slosh of leftover sausage gravy in the fridge that local radio is calling punk rock," promises Dusty Bryant, the bass player for Eighty-Sixed.

"If you're going to play a show in Hamilton, it's all DJs, karaoke, or pop/rock and country. This is the one chance we got to make sure this happened." Bryant said, referring to the opening of the bar, which used to be a blues club.

Eighty-Sixed met the other two bands while touring. All are punk bands, though they offer variations on that style.

Eighty-Sixed is akin to the kind of punk that came out in the early 80s, along the likes of Bad Brains and Minor Threat.

"It's fast, hard-hitting songs about the trials and tribulations of growing up in a city that used to be thriving," Bryant said, referring to Hamilton.

LBRO shakes up the punk formula a bit by sometimes using a harmonica — an instrument not typically associated with the genre.

"It's rock with an edge. Anybody can say they're punk if they've got a mohawk, but it's more about not really conforming to anything," Bryant said.

Finally, the Skateomasochists, as their double-edged name indicates, are "hard-core skateboarders with thrash rock that's right in your face, with guitars that go up to 11," Bryant said.

- Journal News


Eighty Sixed 2007 EP


Feeling a bit camera shy


Eighty Sixed was formed in early 2002 by a group of friends that wanted to play punk rock and drink beer. Eighty Sixed reformed in 2005 and focused on more than getting drunk and playing punk rock. Eighty Sixed became about writing interesting punk rock songs, making new friends, and keeping a scene alive in Cincinnati and southwestern Ohio. In two short years Eighty Sixed has risen to the top of Midwestern music community sharing the stage with national and international acts such as The Adicts, The Dwarves, and The Queers. Last week, October 1, 2007 Eighty Sixed was nominated for a Cammy award for best punk band for the 2007 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards. Eighty Sixed has been known to blow people away with John's hard fast guitar, Dusty's extreme bass lines, Troy's hammering drums and the harsh reality of Quentin's lyrics. Eighty Sixed has been compared to the The Circle Jerks, Minor Threat, Black Flag, and The Misfits. The future for Eighty Sixed is unlimited, but all the members are commited to putting on the very best live show possible while writing songs that help people see the world around them.